…while in absentia…

Let me just start by saying that I don’t believe that I need to explain myself. However, most of the followers I had know I welcomed my son, Baden, into our family in April of 2011. What you may not realize is that since his birth I haven’t even had time to have a good sit-down session with him and I know it will never happen as long as I keep a busy schedule. Let me just say that my schedule is busy with my family, school, and basketball; and in addition I have noticed more and more that when my heart condition flares up it is hanging on a lot longer than in the past. So, I decided to take a hiatus from photography so I can focus on my family first and foremost. Even with this extra time from not taking on clients or new work I have found that I still cannot manage to get a good session with my family or even to get some updated pics of Baden. So, I sat down a few days ago after finally uploading our annual family photos from Thanksgiving and spent the past few evening processing photos. Lets just say I had from Baden’s birthday in April all the way to Thanksgiving worth of pictures to work through, and even then it was not that many because I haven’t had time (still) to take many!

But not to dissapoint, here is a few of my boy who is getting so big!
May 2012

June 2012

October 2012

He is such a great little boy and just as fun as his sister is! Speaking of the Maggie Moo, I managed to get one of her back this summer while she was taking a bath in the “big bath tub” in our master bathroom!


She is just as beautiful as her mother is 🙂

I will politely take this opportunity to state that as I focus my time on my family and work, I will not be taking on any new clients until I feel I have time and passion to dedicate to photography.


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…9 month old mcclain…

I can’t believe that sweet little “baby” McClain is already 9 months old! I couldn’t believe it when her mom contacted me wanting to do this session and I was amazed on how time is just flying by. In efforts to make each session special, McClain’s parents wanted to go to Scarritt Bennett, over in Nashville, to take her pictures because that is where they were married. We met up early last Sunday and that place was just beautiful! Just look at all the gorgeous pictures we were able to create…







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I always wonder how my past clients are doing when I don’t get to see them after long periods of time, and this client is not any different! I last saw this family back in 2008 a few months after their daughter, was born. I was so pleased when they asked me back to do another session, but this time it was for their new son, Collin! Just take a look at these cute kiddos and how sweet they are to one another…




Here is Collin with big brither Connor…

Here is that sweet little girl Caitlin who I hadn’t seen in about 3 years!

And this was one of my favorites…it just shows these children just as they are, not all posed up and smiling as we are used to!

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…will & family…

It is so great when one of my clients gets to celebrate his/her first birthday. However, it can be bittersweet for me as I know that I will miss these clients and won’t get to see their children grow up on a more regular basis. This session was a totally great session for this family. The main point was of course to capture Will who had just turned 1, but to also work in an updated family picture because on of the last ones I took for these clients didn’t include little Will.

Will is such a happy little boy and he was having a blast playing with the different props we would get out. He wasn’t too fond of my rocking horse, but I found out with the help of his mommy and daddy that he liked a great big ball they kept in their back yard! He is such the little handsome guy in all of his photos and our evening shoot couldn’t have gone better!


(I loved this old swing that used to belong to my clients grandmother)



Just check out these precious kiddos! They all have the same beautiful blue eyes!

A new mantle shot for this wonderful family…

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What a sweet moment it is to fall in love! I had the pleasure of taking engagement pictures for this sweet couple a week ago and I was so pleased in how their portraits came out. Just to see that “look” in their eyes as they stared at each other, held hands, and touched each other. In all the photos you could see some part of them touching each other and the quirky little things they would do to each other just made my heart melt for them. Con’ and Luke I really appreciated you allowing me to capture this moment in your life. You all were awesome to work with and best of luck in your future together!






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ryan…senior 2012

Ryan is kicking off a new season of seniors as school is about to begin! I was so grateful that Ryan’s parents wanted me to do his senior portraits. He is such a great young man and he has some wonderful ambitions for his future. Right now I hope his arm finishes healing so he can work on getting a baseball scholarship! Best of luck to you Ryan, and congratulations on entering your senior year!






This is one of my favorites…

Just a little fun on cropping one of Ryan’s photographs…

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I got a wonderful call back from Jaxon’s mom asking if I would be interested in doing a three-month session for their newest son, Ashton. I was so happy that they allowed me in their home again to see this growing family and to meet little Ashton! He is such a cutie and I was even more amazed how much Jaxon has grown in the past few years! We will start off with a few captures of my little three year-old buddy, Jaxon, and then move on to the sweet Ashton.


…just look at this little man!


And now it is Ashton’s turn…

This little guy had found his hands earlier and was sure to show them off in almost every frame we had!




This is one of my new favorites!



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