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I am adopting a new philosophy from one of my favorite photographers…GOYA. It stands for Get Off Your Arse. Zack Arias is someone I look up to in the sense that he set out to make something of himself as a photographer and he has been successful in doing just that! I want to do the same and his philosophy of GOYA is to simply get out and shoot. Work on your skills and work on making yourself a better photographer. I spent half of my summer so far involved with basketball and now I am ready to refocus (no pun intended). So here is my first posting for the GOYA category!

To start us off, I had to take some inspiration from another photographer that I admire, Anna Kuperberg. She has two divisions to her photography business, one is for her portraiture of people and the other is for dogs (SlobberSpace). I thought how much fun it would be to try out portraiture of dogs. Well, let me say that I think that infants are easier and pet photography has earned a newfound respect in my mind! Or, it could have been that my dog, Dexter, was just that big of a nerd that he didn’t want his picture taken. Either way here is the beginning of GOYA!



This last one is my favorite!


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in the swing of things…

It is still baseball season for the twins and we enjoyed another one of their games yesterday evening. They are getting better with every game and it is so exciting to watch them on the field. Both of the boys played great yesterday and I was there ready for action as usual. What is even better is when the whole family gets to turn out to support the boys. We had everyone from great-grandparents down to their sisters at the game to cheer them on! Here are a few great shots from the game. These first two are of Issac.



And lets not forget Luke. Although I think he was ready to go back in to bat some more!
(This was a fun capture of Luke. If you go to see the big picture you can actually see what he is doing.)

Lets not forget some of the biggest fans of the baseball games…
Their little sister Mary…

And little Maggie!

We even took Dexter with us so he could get out of the house. We thought that possibly he could play with the children there and it would wear him out! Sure enough he had about all he could take after about 45 minutes and was ready to go. By the time we got home he was “dog” tired! 😀

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