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Apparently word is getting around that I can take a decent picture 😉

Jake’s mom contacted me and said her sister works with Chris (from Jack’s photo sessions) and wanted to schedule a 6 month session for her son, Jake! I was thrilled and it made for the third consecutive weekend being booked for a photo shoot. Jake’s parents were so nice and welcoming when I went to their home. After looking around for a bit and exchanging pleasantries about our shoes (slip-on Chuck Taylors rock!) we got down to business. Jennifer and Matt were just the coolest…laid back, relaxed, and welcomed each one of the ideas that I posed for pictures. There were so many pictures that turned out better than I had expected and I think that Jake’s parents will be very pleased overall!

Here is a little sneak peak of what to expect when I deliver all of your photos!!

Jake and daddy playing out in the back yard

on the couch…AKA relaxing

Baby TOES!! Who doesn’t love their little piggies 🙂
(this is something new for my fans. I worked some sepia tones in on some images to add to the feel of these images. I thought this processing was quite fitting for Jake’s parents)

Last but not least again…my favorite. Jake resting in a bed of daylillies…

Jennifer and Matt, I had such a great time with you all and I can’t wait for you to see all of Jake’s pictures.


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