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I have been working with Sophia’s mother to schedule a date for our session and we finally got to have one! She was such the sweet little girl and we hit it off from the start! She started out “cheesing” just as her parents had worked on with her ūüôā

We had a great session with many smiles and giggles. It was hard to choose some pictures for a preview, but these were some of my favorites!

You know when you start with a picture like this, its going to be a great day!

These next few were done in sepia tone to create a vintage feel based on our location at Moss-Wright Park.



We even had time to get a family picture or two in while we were shooting.


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Meet little Liesl. Her mom contacted me before she was due and asked if I could take her newborn pictures. I am always happy to work with new moms as they have enough to worry about! We spoke of some rough dates, but I just asked that she contact me again after she was born and we could¬†schedule a definite time. This was such a sweet family and it was a pleasure to be able to capture Liesl’s first pictures. I have decided do a little something “extra” here at the end of this post. It shows an example of what Liesl’s parents could do with some of the series of photographs they will receive! Ah, the sweetness and innocense¬†of a newborn is long forgotten until you get to be around one again and the memories just come rushing back…

I am going to start off with a couple of my favorites from our session:







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Just a few things…

First thing, I updated the image at the top of the blog so it may take a few moments for it to download. I like making small changes every now and then, but I was in the mood to take my “look” in a different direction. So I worked on this for a little while and I am pleased with my results. Also, my CD’s will also reflect this new look too!

I have also been enjoying my summer break. I have got to spend so much time with my family and I even took some time to capture a few of these moments. Here is my favorite from the start of the summer!

This is so wrong, but so funny ūüôā

We also went to a local outdoor mall a few days ago to let Maggie play in the fountain. It is one of those cool fountains that shoot up from the ground that you can run around in.



So today I got this big idea this morning to call my sister-in-law to see if her kiddos were home. I wanted to try out some new equipment I had acquired recently and I needed some willing volunteers so who better than my nieces and nephews! Well, Isaac and Luke were ready for fun, Mary was napping, JT was having some plumbing issues, and Anna was M.I.A.¬†I hadn’t got to spend time with the twins like this in a long while, so¬†I had so much fun with them this morning. We ran¬†around their yard, explored¬†the neighbors barn, played on their playset, and even had a little lesson on photography.¬†As the boys¬†and I were wrapping up, Mary came out to¬†play so I got to capture some long over due¬†pictures of her too! JT, was just having a rough time¬†between napping and diaper changes, so I didn’t get more than just a couple of shots of¬† him in his¬† crib.¬†¬†Here are a few shots of what I was able to capture this morning, and yes, I have a CD all ready for you Brea as reimbursement for putting up with me this morning!







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