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Cutie Kaylor!!

Little Kaylor is just a doll! She was so sweet during the photoshoot and her parents, Kerry and Courtney, were just wonderful to have in our home. They are such a great and easy going family.

We had a great session despite a few moments when the clouds passed over (not the best time for a natural light photographer), but I think that we were able to capture just how sweet this little girl is. I sure hope you enjoy this preview! It was great of you all to ask me to take her 3 month pictures and there are so many great captures from our session. These are just a taste of what is in store…


Kaylor and mommy…

Playing peek-a-boo with an angel…


And last but not least, this was one of my favorites from the session… although there were sooo many others too 🙂


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Jack’s back!!

About three months ago I took little Jack’s three month pictures for his wonderful parents Kim and Chris. I was so honored when they asked me back to do Jack’s six month pictures!! Like last time, the weather didn’t cooperate with us last weekend, but Saturday gave us just enough of a break between rain showers to capture some memorable shots. Kim and Chris were great enough to allow me in their home for this session and it made for a more comfortable setting for Jack.

Kim and Chris, I hope you like your preview! I had a great time and thank you again!






And of course there is nothing like Jack playing with his daddy!


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Father’s Day

Happy (belated) Father’s day to all the dad’s out there. To all of those fathers who I have met me and have inspired me, I will never forget the lessons I have learned from watching you or just being in your presence.

There is no greater feeling in the world for me than being a dad. This father’s day is my first opportunity to celebrate this holiday as a real father. I have longed to celebrate this day as a dad and thanks to Maggie and Alie I was able to stick around long enough to experience this day.

If you all haven’t read the About Me page, I had a little incident last year called a cardiac arrest which will forever change my life. Maggie was only 5 days old and if she hadn’t woke to feed, then Alie wouldn’t have been awake to notice when my heart and breathing stopped. It was a traumatic event for all, but thanks to Alie being trained in CPR (as well as other things first-aid related) she was able to keep me around a little longer.

I was able to spend my father’s day morning with my buddy Josh and later with Alie’s side of the family. The family had planned a dinner so we could all get together to enjoy one another’s company. It was great, we had good food, good company, and good times…what a great way to celebrate your first father’s day. By the time we wrapped up the evening and said bye to everyone, it was time to get Maggie ready for bed. I gave her a bath and asked Alie if could feed her. (I don’t get to spend much time with her during the week so I like to feed her at bedtime.) As I held Maggie after her bottle, Alie conducted prayer time and said a very sweet prayer thanking the Lord for allowing me to remain here on this Earth with the two of them. I know it is hard for Alie to think about and at times it gets to me too, but at the end of the day all I can say is that “I am just happy to be here”…

I can’t think of any place I would rather be or who I would rather be spending my time with. Afterall, look what I would have missed out on 🙂


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Family Photo

Since I started taking pictures for everyone else, it seems like I never get to be in any photos anymore (even when I take them for my own family). Well after many requests from everyone we finally got a family photo taken when my best bud Ryan came down this weekend. He was probably the strongest influence on my photography passion, so who better to take a picture of me and my family! I hope he didn’t mind using my Canon equipment since he is more of a Nikon guy 😉

I had to post this as a large picture since it is soooo good! Thanks again Ryan for manning the camera for me!

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Ryan and Alana

So what do you do when your best friend comes down for the weekend with his girlfriend and asks if you would take thier picture?! You jump all over it because that is what best buds do for each other!! (Of course Alie and I were planning on asking him the same question since we didn’t really have a family picture either!)

I have known Ryan literally since we were born. We were neighbors and grew up together from day one. Although we are less than 3 months apart in age and we have always treated each other like brothers. It was a wonderful feeling when he asked if I would take their picture and I was truly honored. I hope Ryan and Alana enjoy their pictures. I know Dexter, Maggie, Alie and I sure enjoyed having them in our home this weekend!

Ryan, we wish you and Alana the best in your future endeavors!






And we can’t forget all the fun we had while taking your pictures. This was a quick capture when we first got started and Ryan was having a good time posing 🙂


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