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Maggie at the park

Well, Maggie and I had daddy-daughter morning while mommy was having a nice breakfast with all of her girlfriends. I had decided that while mommy was away, Maggie and daddy would go and play! There is a park not far from the restaurant where Alie was going, so I asked if I could drop her off and Maggie and I would go to the park. Alie was good with that so off we went this morning. I also had intentions of getting a few more shots that I could use in her 1 year photos, but Maggie loves to swing so I really wanted to let her do that too. Well, it sprinkled on us as soon as we got there, but luckily it didn’t set in. We went and spent about 45 minutes at the park swinging on swings, going down slides, and exploring all the playground equipment. I think I wore her out as she is down for a nap right now, but we sure had a good time. I just got through looking though the pictures I took and I love this one so I had to post it so you could see what a good time she was having 🙂



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