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…hudson and sol…

I got to have another session with these sweet brothers. It hadn’t felt like it had been 3 months already, but when their mother called and asked for another session I was happy to oblige. We again ventured over to one of my favorite spots, Moss-Wright Park in Goodlettsville for their shoot. With the cold days we have been having and the limited availability of great natural light in the evenings, it was a miracle that we were able to get these shots. These boys loved being outside and although it was cold and it took a toll on them by the end of the session, we got some cute shots!

Check out how big Sol is getting:


And now for big brother Hudson:



And we always have to get a baseball themed picture for this family, but with the cold weather all of the ball fields were locked up. So, we had to go for the next best thing…a batting cage! It was all we had available, buy by this time they were ready to go home so we had a few tears in the picture.


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I have been taking pictures of Hudson for a while now and I was so excited when his mother contacted me about taking his 9 month pictures and some of his new little brother. Hudson’s parents went to Ethiopiaabout a month ago to finally meet and bring home little Sol (Solomon) who was about 3 months old. It was such a joy to see these two brothers interacting and just to see this family as a whole loving on each other. These two little men are just adorable and were in quite the good mood for our session. I am so glad that their mother trusted me to capture these precious moments of these two brothers! Please enjoy 🙂
Lets start with Hudson:



And of course our baseball picture…

Now for Sol to have his turn in the spotlight:



And we have even started the same tradition with Sol…the baseball pic! I even c0nverted it to sepia tone to match the first one we took of Hudson.


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Hudson and Harper at the park!

Well, little Hudson’s mommy contacted me for his 6 month pictures and asked if we could also take some pictures of his sister that just turned 2 years old. I was certainly happy to do this for them as his sister, Harper, is about the same age as my Maggie! So with much anticipation we scheduled and hoped for nice weather. Well, the time came and we had such a good time at the park during our session. I had so many great pictures to choose from, I decided to do a BIG post as I want to show all of them off! I hope you like them as much as I do 🙂

Let’s first start with little Hudson. He is just growing so fast! It must be all those “green vegetables”!!



Of course we had to get another baseball themed picture in there. Luckily we had a couple of good ones!


Here is Hudson and his big sister Harper.





And for my favorite. Harper’s mommy asked if I would mind replicating the picture that I did for Jackson last month where he had his daddy throwing him into the air. Harper and her daddy love to do this too and I am in love with this picture. I told Alie that I want one just like it of me and Maggie!
Check out the larger version too!



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Growing with Hudson…

How fun is this! I have two boys named Hudson as clients 🙂 The youngest of the two just turned 3 months old and his parents contacted me to see if I could come do a portrait session for them. I was excited to do so and once we worked out the schedule (and around the weather) I stopped by last Sunday to get our session underway. By the way, this was the same Hudson that expressed his dislike of cameras at our first meeting for his newborn session. This time, it was a complete opposite… he was in a great mood and we had a good time!

Well, I sure had a great time and if you all get a chance please check out Hudson’s mother’s blog HERE. She is such a great artist and she has raffles often to help others as well as herself in raising money for adoptions. This is such a great cause and I wish them the best in their journey towards adoption. Here is your sneak peek and it was sure great to see how much this little guy had grown over the past three months!





Hudson’s parents wanted to start a themed baseball picture at each session, so this was the second themed picture we have done. They actually had the first picture we had created enlarged and framed, and it was hanging in their living room whenever I came over for this session!

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Hudson at Riverwood Mansion

Well, I got a request from my other Hudson’s parents to do his 6 month pictures! I always love it when clients come back as it assures me that they like my work and are pleased with the pictures they had received. Well, we scheduled for the Saturday following turkey day, and then the they sent an email back asking if I would be opposed to going down to the beautiful Riverwood Mansion and having Hudson’s session. I am always happy to try new locations as it makes my job exciting and the possibilities endless. It turns out that Hudson’s parents were married at Riverwood and this is a sentimental location for them so it was even more meaningful to have his pictures taken there. Hudson’s parents were kind enough to work out the details for allowing us to shoot at Riverwood since they have some “connections,” and it was such a wonderful place that I am sure is just beautiful in the spring and summer time for weddings with all the gardens and trees everywhere. However, on this cold overcast November Saturday, it was a perfect backdrop for some precious fall portraits.

I had a few requests from the parents on some pictures, but they generally left the rest up to me. Hudson is still working on sitting up, but he had the hang of it for the duration of the session which made the session so much easier on everyone. I think we were able to get some wonderful shots and I can’t wait for Hudson’s parents to get to see all of them! I hope you all like your preview and thanks again for a wonderful experience at Riverwood!



Remember when I said he was still working on sitting up? Hudson took a tumble backwards while we were shooting out in the leaves and I captured this shot. Every time I look at this picture I giggle!

Hudson’s mommy was playing with him during this shot. I was going to ask that she move back just a bit, but what a wonderful moment to capture.

Love the hat on this little man!

Hudson’s daddy is a tall guy like me, so when I saw him playing with Hudson in these extra tall door ways, I just had to get this shot. All I can say is I wish I had a picture like this:


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Newborn Hudson!

Wow! Of all the names I had liked for a little boy, I managed to be able to shoot two different boys named  Hudson this year! This newborn was about a month old as his mother and I had been planning for just the right day for his photo shoot. Little did I know what would be in store for me when I came to their home for the shoot…

I arrived and was greeted by Hudson’s parents to a warm and wonderful home. They had so many great choices for props and backdrops in their home, but we ran into just one little problem…Hudson 🙂 As soon as we got through a couple of different locations in his home, Hudson thought it was time to try give his lungs some exercise. The remainder of the shoot consisted of a super mommy who was trying everything to keep her little boy calm and one exuberant little Hudson who didn’t like having the camera pointed in his direction! All I can say is thank you to Hudson’s parents for one of my most memorable photo shoots yet! It was such a joy being in your home and sharing that time with you. I hope you enjoy your sneek peek!



Hudson was telling me how much he didn’t like this pose, although I kept reassuring him otherwise 🙂

Super mommy hard at work. I thought this silhouette was just great!

And this was my favorite. Hudson’s mother and I talked about this shot for quite a while before I came to their home. Hudson’s daddy is quite the baseball fan and this was to be one of their most charished shots. I added a little sepia tone to really give it some character which I love!



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Hudson…what a name!!!

Back when my wife, Alie, was pregnant we debated over many names. One of them she had picked for a boy was Hudson. I liked it, but it just wasn’t the name for me. Eventually we found out that we were having a girl and we had a nice short list of names with Maggie at the top! Well, I get a message on Friday asking if I could take a couple’s three month old pictures for their son…Hudson! Come to find out that the woman who contacted me had worked with Alie at one of her old schools. In fact, Alie had made a onesie for one of Hudson’s baby showers as a gift from another one of the teachers.

Anyway, Hudson’s parents were so much fun to have in our home today. That’s right…we had a photo shoot today. The weekend was pretty much open due to the holiday today so when Hudson’s mom contacted me, I suggested that we do it today!! I mean after all, who wants to spend the whole day grading papers like I was planning on doing. Well, we spent just over a couple of hours taking Hudson’s three month pictures and they turned out great. Alie gave me a hand grading papers for all of my classes and that allowed me the time I needed to process the pictures. I am so excited to get these done today as it usually takes me a lot longer on the turnaround time, but with my new job and having the day off today it seems that I was able to whip these out!

This is just a preview, but they all turned out so well. To Marcie and Nick, you all were great and Hudson was just so great to work with. I hope you like your preview!!!

 This is one of my many favorites. I call it “SSShhhhh.”

The ever popular scale picture. This time with a twist…we included his favorite toy the owl.

I am digging little dude’s shirt!!


For these last two we decided to go outside. Luckily I hadn’t mowed so I had the long shaggy grass that really adds to the picture. We were also battling the sun overhead, but I think we won the fight!



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