…while in absentia…

Let me just start by saying that I don’t believe that I need to explain myself. However, most of the followers I had know I welcomed my son, Baden, into our family in April of 2011. What you may not realize is that since his birth I haven’t even had time to have a good sit-down session with him and I know it will never happen as long as I keep a busy schedule. Let me just say that my schedule is busy with my family, school, and basketball; and in addition I have noticed more and more that when my heart condition flares up it is hanging on a lot longer than in the past. So, I decided to take a hiatus from photography so I can focus on my family first and foremost. Even with this extra time from not taking on clients or new work I have found that I still cannot manage to get a good session with my family or even to get some updated pics of Baden. So, I sat down a few days ago after finally uploading our annual family photos from Thanksgiving and spent the past few evening processing photos. Lets just say I had from Baden’s birthday in April all the way to Thanksgiving worth of pictures to work through, and even then it was not that many because I haven’t had time (still) to take many!

But not to dissapoint, here is a few of my boy who is getting so big!
May 2012

June 2012

October 2012

He is such a great little boy and just as fun as his sister is! Speaking of the Maggie Moo, I managed to get one of her back this summer while she was taking a bath in the “big bath tub” in our master bathroom!


She is just as beautiful as her mother is 🙂

I will politely take this opportunity to state that as I focus my time on my family and work, I will not be taking on any new clients until I feel I have time and passion to dedicate to photography.


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