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Has it been over a year since I have photographed this little girl?! Her mother and I have been trying to get a date worked out for a while, and finally a few weekends ago we found the time we were searching for. We spent the morning taking some wonderful pictures that I am sure her parents will enjoy!








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Kaylor is 1 year!

I can still remember when this little girl was born and she is already a year old! We took advantage of the great weather (before the rain set in) and went to the park. She had so much fun running around and playing on the playground, it was so neat to watch this little girl in action. Here are some great pics from our session!


(My favorite!)



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Ahh…sweet baby Kaylor is getting sooo big now! She is 9 months old and she is turning into quite the adorable little girl. She is just growing so fast and moving so fast now too! It was all I could do to keep up with this little cutie, but we sure had a good time with her shoot. We battled with a lack of light at first, and then we got on a roll with some really cute pictures. Thanks to some great weather we even had an opportunity to go to a nearby park to get some final shots as seen in this sneak peek! It is so neat to see how much this little girl has grown and I can’t wait to continue watching her grow!




After processing all the pictures, I went back to these pictures and added a sepia tone to really add to the vintage feel of them. This really made me love them even more!


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6-month-old Kaylor!

Little Kaylor came back for her 6 month pictures today! It is always great hanging out with Kaylor’s parents as they are so cool and laid back. Sweet Kaylor has gotten so big and she was so much fun today during our shoot as she was smiling so big and sitting up on her own now too! Today’s session was so much fun and it went by in a flash! From one setup to another, we were running around getting some great shots for this little cutie. Anyway, enough jabbering and onto the picture previews.





I like to call this one “Daddy’s Girl!”

And this was among my favorites. It reminds me of a porcelain doll on a stand. What a beautiful little girl Kaylor has grown to be.

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Kaylor Collage

As stated in my Session Information page, I do custom requests and can get professional prints. Although we were already taking Kaylor’s 3 month portraits, her parents asked if I could do a “hands and feet type collage.” Well, I worked in some specific pictures during our session to do just this. I worked on this collage and sent her parents a sneak peek of it a few weeks back to ensure they loved it. It was met with a positive response…so much so that they orded a print of it. Well, the collage is 20″x24″ and I had it mounted to keep it sturdy and to keep it from wrinkling due to the size and weight. I think Kaylor’s parents will just love it as it will be a great piece for years to come.


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Cutie Kaylor!!

Little Kaylor is just a doll! She was so sweet during the photoshoot and her parents, Kerry and Courtney, were just wonderful to have in our home. They are such a great and easy going family.

We had a great session despite a few moments when the clouds passed over (not the best time for a natural light photographer), but I think that we were able to capture just how sweet this little girl is. I sure hope you enjoy this preview! It was great of you all to ask me to take her 3 month pictures and there are so many great captures from our session. These are just a taste of what is in store…


Kaylor and mommy…

Playing peek-a-boo with an angel…


And last but not least, this was one of my favorites from the session… although there were sooo many others too 🙂

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Kaylor Quickie…

After the zoo trip on Sunday we rushed back home so I could whip up some dinner for some really great people! Kerry and Courtney are brand new parents to little Kaylor who was born about a month ago! Alie works with Courtney and we had been promising to bring them dinner and they finally cashed in on our offer. After a mad dash through the kitchen to create a meal, we rushed it over so it would be ready to eat (and so we could finally meet little Kaylor). What a little cutie she is! She is so sweet and she had quite the proud parents too! 

While we were there, I offered to take some quick pics for Courtney and here are a few from our visit. Courtney, I hope you liked your pics! These were some of my favorites out of the few we got. Maybe later we can do more of a formal session where we can capture more of this sweet little girl!!



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