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Andress Family!

I had the privilege of doing a shoot for this family a while back during the summer for a birthday party. It was such a pleasure to have them ask if I would do a family session for them and we finally got to do it this past weekend! The day was sunny, but it was freezing outside! I thought the last family shoot was cold, but this one takes the cake. I had asked to meet over at Juju and Eddie’s house (where we took Maggie’s 15 month pictures) so we could have a prime location to shoot. However, it was so cold that my hands and nose were numb after about 15 minutes, but regardless they were all great sports and we captures some real classic pictures. These pictures were so good and looked so timeless to me that I decided to only show the black and white versions. The color pictures just pop and are great, but the way these look in black and white are just wonderful. They were all so nice despite the weather and I even had the pleasure of meeting their exchange student that is leaving at the end of this week. Since she was part of this family, even for a short time, we got her in the pictures and now hopefully she will have a few photographs to take home with her.

Thanks again for freezing your tails off! These pictures are certainly worth it 🙂






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