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…baby baden…

Well, it has been almost a month since the arrival of our new baby boy, Baden. Once we got home, I couldn’t wait to take some more “formal” pictures of my son. I had taken quite a few in the hospital, and I will love and cherish those photos, but I wanted to do some special ones for Alie and I and our family. I am pleased and proud to introduce our new son, Baden!






This is one of my favorites!

And just for Alie, her own little collage of our boy getting a good yawn during our shoot.


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…and baby makes four…

That’s right, our little family of 3 is increasing by 1 more! I have been asking Alie if she would like to do some maternity photos in hopes she would say yes. Here lately she has been so ready for all of the little nuances of being pregnant to go away just so she can enjoy this last pregnancy and her family. Our new son, who coincidentally is due in 5 days, has been giving his mother a hard time and I just wanted to do something to make her feel better about herself. She finally agreed to some “quick” pictures in the backyard a few weekends ago and said that she may be up for more in the coming weeks until his delivery. Lets just say that she hasn’t been in the mood for any more pictures since our quick session, so she finally let me post what I did have. I think she still looks just as beautiful as ever and of course sweet Maggie had to be included to make for some memorable photos!






And just a cute moment between Alie and Maggie who were making faces at each other 🙂


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We got to spend a portion of last week over in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area. This is where Alie and I went on our honeymoon almost 7 years ago, and boy has it continued to grow and change since we were here last. We had the whole family with us this time — Juju, Poppie Eddie, the Freeman family, and of course little Maggie. We had such a great time with each other and (besides the go-carts) the most fun I had was at the aquarium we visited. It was the Ripley’s Aquarium in Gatlinburg, and it was so much fun. Alie and I had also visited this aquarium when we were here last, and it too had improved. The kids loved all that the aquarium had to offer, and I managed to get a few pictures while we were there.

The aquarium had these tank observation windows that emitted a wonderful blue light and had a shade of blue that you would have to see to believe.


I love this picture of Maggie and Bunny…it is what gave me inspiration for the title of this post.

This is what she was staring at.


Maggie has a new love for penguins!

Alie and I also wanted to get a quick picture to prove that I still exist and that we can still have fun together 🙂

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Beginning of a new year!

Well, I have to say that this year has been one of the most eventful to say the least. I changed professions to become a math teacher and even added countless new clients to my photography client base. It has been a great year. One of the best blessing must have been having a Christmas break again. I know most of us don’t get more than a day or two off, but I haven’t had a “Christmas break” since 2002 when I was still in college, but even then I had my foot in a cast from busting my ankle and I still had to report back early for basketball practices. I had always been busy with basketball over the breaks, but that is the price you pay if you want to play college ball. If I had to guess, I haven’t got to spend more than a couple days with my family in Indiana during Christmas in almost 10 years! Well, thanks to becoming a teacher, I am able to spend a total of two weeks off with Alie and Maggie, and I was able to spend 6 days with my family in Indiana!  We played games every night while we were in Indiana and we got to spend time with all of my family, my grandmothers, and even my best bud Ryan and his girlfriend Alana.

It has been so great to have time off, but I can’t wait to get back in to my routine’s again with school and photo shoots. I do have to share a few pictures from the break though. My sister was kind enough to send the Little People’s Farm to Maggie for her Christmas and she is loving it! She loves the little animals and the sounds the barn makes. She was having a good time, so I had to get her playing with the barn:

I also managed to grab a few more shots while were were up in Indiana. Here is another of Maggie and one of Dexter. I know I don’t post much about him, but he and Maggie are best buddies. She really does love that little dog!


It seems we have also made a tradition for our trip to Indiana for the holidays. We have started going to visit and tour the French Lick Springs and the West Baden Springs Hotels. We like to walk around and to see all the decorations and to just enjoy family time. I have seen these hotels go from nothing to a spectacular something! It is so nice to see these historic places making a difference in the community. Anyway, here are just a few pics of while we were at the West Baden Hotel.

This is the medallion that is in the center of the dome. It has a great multicolor light show that makes it hard not to stop and stare for a while.

Me having fun with one of the large ornaments on the huge Christmas tree:

This last one is my favorite. I tried to get one of these last year, but let’s just say it didn’t turn out since it was during the day time. This one is so much better! I had to angle myself at the base of the tree and shoot upwards to incorporate the medallion.

Remember I said I got to see Ryan and Alana too? They came with us to walk around the West Baden Hotel and I knew I had to post this picture right after getting it!

Sorry for such a long post, but I can only hope that everyone else has had a wonderful year too! Let’s hope the new year will as good as the last!

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Long awaited family pics!

I have been waiting since November to post these pictures as they were intended for a Christmas present. Little Kaylor’s parents approached me and asked if I could do a family shoot for them as they wanted to give Kaylor’s grandmother a family portrait for Christmas. I was excited to do this for them and we got it all setup. The day of the shoot was probably one of the first cold days we had this year and it was a little overcast. That didn’t stop us from making some of the greatest family pics to date! We started off here at my house as there was a great tree in the backyard sporting some beautiful yellow fall leaves. After some shots here, we went to another location to take advantage of a bridge that made for a wonderful background! I didn’t envy Kaylor’s parents when it came time to choose the picture for the present, but a few weeks ago I got to see what they had printed in a 16×20! It was just beautiful and made me wish I had one of my family. Hopefully one of these days I will be able to 🙂 Lets start off by first showing the picture used for the print:

And these others were just too good not to post!




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Andress Family!

I had the privilege of doing a shoot for this family a while back during the summer for a birthday party. It was such a pleasure to have them ask if I would do a family session for them and we finally got to do it this past weekend! The day was sunny, but it was freezing outside! I thought the last family shoot was cold, but this one takes the cake. I had asked to meet over at Juju and Eddie’s house (where we took Maggie’s 15 month pictures) so we could have a prime location to shoot. However, it was so cold that my hands and nose were numb after about 15 minutes, but regardless they were all great sports and we captures some real classic pictures. These pictures were so good and looked so timeless to me that I decided to only show the black and white versions. The color pictures just pop and are great, but the way these look in black and white are just wonderful. They were all so nice despite the weather and I even had the pleasure of meeting their exchange student that is leaving at the end of this week. Since she was part of this family, even for a short time, we got her in the pictures and now hopefully she will have a few photographs to take home with her.

Thanks again for freezing your tails off! These pictures are certainly worth it 🙂





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Newton Family!

So I get a call from a great family asking if I could do a family shoot for them. I couldn’t wait and we were quick to make arrangements as my weekend slots are filling up! The shoot was scheduled for Saturday morning early and we all awoke to a surprise…it was freezing outside! I mean cloudy and down around 20 degrees freezing!! Well, after a quick phone call in the morning I had decided that we should at least meet to try it and if it was too cold then would could always reschedule. Well, low and behold it was one of the coldest and best family shoots to date! After a few early morning trials we were off and getting some great playful poses with hats and all out in the cold. We quickly got some great pictures outside and then moved into their home for the rest of the session. We concentrated our shoot in the Newton’s master bedroom to give it more of a close family feeling to the pictures and you can just see how much this family loves each other from these pictures. 

To the Newton’s: I hope you like your sneak peek of your family pics. I had a great time with you all and hopefully we can do this again sometime as the love and kindness your family exhibited was just awesome!

Sometimes you just have to get the wiggles, giggles, and funny faces out of the way first 🙂






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