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Long awaited family pics!

I have been waiting since November to post these pictures as they were intended for a Christmas present. Little Kaylor’s parents approached me and asked if I could do a family shoot for them as they wanted to give Kaylor’s grandmother a family portrait for Christmas. I was excited to do this for them and we got it all setup. The day of the shoot was probably one of the first cold days we had this year and it was a little overcast. That didn’t stop us from making some of the greatest family pics to date! We started off here at my house as there was a great tree in the backyard sporting some beautiful yellow fall leaves. After some shots here, we went to another location to take advantage of a bridge that made for a wonderful background! I didn’t envy Kaylor’s parents when it came time to choose the picture for the present, but a few weeks ago I got to see what they had printed in a 16×20! It was just beautiful and made me wish I had one of my family. Hopefully one of these days I will be able to 🙂 Lets start off by first showing the picture used for the print:

And these others were just too good not to post!





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Growing up with Jack!

Oh my goodness…I just had the honor of taking little Jack’s 12 month pictures! It was so neat to see how big he is now and how much more personality he has compared to when his parents first asked me to take his pictures back in March. This is how I remember Jack from back then:


It is so sweet to see how much this little one has grown. Jack’s parents were some of my first clients and every session with them is just wonderful. We always get some great shots of little Jack and from time to time we sneak in some family shots. Well, to my surprise we got a Christmas card from Jack’s family last week and on the card was the family picture I had taken for them back in September! It is so neat to see how the pictures are being used as you never know what customers are doing with them after I drop off the CD. As luck would have it, we had Jack’s 12 month session back at his house again and as I walked around his house for inspiration, I got to see exactly how his parents put their CD to use! I saw pictures of Jack from 3 months of age on up around the house, a picture I had taken of his sister, and a huge family portrait above the fireplace. This was by far the most breathtaking of all the pictures around Jack’s home because Jack’s mommy found the most beautiful frame to put around their family picture.


I am just so moved that his parents have trusted me to be there for his milestones and to capture those moments they would have for a lifetime. I think I have now rambled on enough about my sentiments with this family so on to the good stuff that you all are waiting for. Here are some of the great pictures we got of Jack this past weekend! My how he has grown just from March!






Alie, my wife, thinks I am crazy but I love this last picture. It reminds me of our daughter and how she would look up at us like this. There is just something precious about moments like this one! Although we as parents look forward to our children learning how to feed themselves and to become more independent so our lives are easier, we will always remember moments like this. Being able to look them right in the eyes and to see nothing but innocence and purity…it connects you at a level only a loving parent would know.

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I had been working with a very special mom of triplets to get their pictures taken for the first time since they were born. We had been working around weather and family to ensure that we would have the best conditions to take their pictures and to ensure that we had some extra help from their family that were coming in to stay with them. Well, these little bundles of joy are just about a year old and they were so much fun to be around. We had smiles and giggles and something going on everywhere!

I just want to say thank you to this family as they entrusted me with the first portraits of their children and of their family. This was so much fun and you were all so nice, that by the time I left I felt like I was almost part of the family! I had so many pictures to choose from, but I know a small sampling would be just enough to tease all with these. Thank you again for a wonderful session and I hope you love your pictures 🙂

I took this first set of three specifically as a series that would be great for framing in a large rectangular frame (hint hint!):
IMG_8293 IMG_8295 IMG_8296

More pictures to show how sweet these triplets were! And have you ever seen such blue eyes?!




One of my favorites!

Another one of my favorites!


And one last precious capture…

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Andress Family!

I had the privilege of doing a shoot for this family a while back during the summer for a birthday party. It was such a pleasure to have them ask if I would do a family session for them and we finally got to do it this past weekend! The day was sunny, but it was freezing outside! I thought the last family shoot was cold, but this one takes the cake. I had asked to meet over at Juju and Eddie’s house (where we took Maggie’s 15 month pictures) so we could have a prime location to shoot. However, it was so cold that my hands and nose were numb after about 15 minutes, but regardless they were all great sports and we captures some real classic pictures. These pictures were so good and looked so timeless to me that I decided to only show the black and white versions. The color pictures just pop and are great, but the way these look in black and white are just wonderful. They were all so nice despite the weather and I even had the pleasure of meeting their exchange student that is leaving at the end of this week. Since she was part of this family, even for a short time, we got her in the pictures and now hopefully she will have a few photographs to take home with her.

Thanks again for freezing your tails off! These pictures are certainly worth it 🙂





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Newton Family!

So I get a call from a great family asking if I could do a family shoot for them. I couldn’t wait and we were quick to make arrangements as my weekend slots are filling up! The shoot was scheduled for Saturday morning early and we all awoke to a surprise…it was freezing outside! I mean cloudy and down around 20 degrees freezing!! Well, after a quick phone call in the morning I had decided that we should at least meet to try it and if it was too cold then would could always reschedule. Well, low and behold it was one of the coldest and best family shoots to date! After a few early morning trials we were off and getting some great playful poses with hats and all out in the cold. We quickly got some great pictures outside and then moved into their home for the rest of the session. We concentrated our shoot in the Newton’s master bedroom to give it more of a close family feeling to the pictures and you can just see how much this family loves each other from these pictures. 

To the Newton’s: I hope you like your sneak peek of your family pics. I had a great time with you all and hopefully we can do this again sometime as the love and kindness your family exhibited was just awesome!

Sometimes you just have to get the wiggles, giggles, and funny faces out of the way first 🙂






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