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Happy Birthday Sophie!

Today is the first birthday of my niece Sophie. She is a wonderful little girl that we got to spend lots of time with this weekend. Alie and I packed up Maggie and Dexter really early Saturday morning and headed to Indiana to visit with my family. It is always great going home to see my parents as well as my brother and his family. Unfortunately we don’t always get to see Justin, my brother, and his family on a regular basis and with our little girls being only about 3.5 months apart we are trying to visit with each other as often as possible so they can grow up knowing each other (although we are still about 200 miles apart). 

Anyway…this weekend was the first birthday party for little Sophie and this was also little Maggie’s first sleep over with her cousin 🙂 We spent the weekend at Justin and Lori’s house so we could let the girls play. We hadn’t seen them since December and my how Sophie has grown. She is starting to walk now and it was so neat to see her stepping around their house. Sophie is especially fond of walking to her daddy and I just can’t wait for little Maggie to start doing the same as it is such a sweet moment. Well, while we were up there, I took my camera to get some pictures of the birthday girl as well as a few of the fam!

(check out those big blue eyes on the birthday girl!!)




And lets not forget some shots of her parents!!
Daddy, Justin, who was enjoying watcher her open presents.


Mommy, Lori, who was exceptionally hard to get a pcture of since she was running around making sure everything was ready to go for the party! Just look at the great butterfly cake she made 🙂


Lets not forget my parents either. They managed to spend some good quality time with thier granddaughters this weekend.
Poppie Jerry, who is a little sun-kissed from Saturday!


Grammy Pammy, who I had to trick into getting her picture!


Even little Maggie will make an apperance (with mommy in the background)


I know this is turning into a long post, so I won’t post the black and white versions of these pictures, but they are just as precious as the color ones! Last but not least is one of my favorites. Justin was outside trying to do some quick mowing the day before the party, and sweet Sophie was keeping an eye on him while she played with her puzzles. I managed to capture this precious moment when she was looking for daddy! (This one is in black and white, with the color in my Flickr)


It was a wonderful weekend and we sure appreciated Justin and Lori sharing their home with us while we were there. Thanks again and I hope you all like the pictures!


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