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…zoo trip…

With the wonderful weather we had this past weekend, Alie and I had planned on meeting up with Molly’s family so we could see her sister and finally meet little Matthew. Lucky for us we all wanted to meet at the zoo and I love going to the zoo! There are so many photo opportunities around with all the animals, but I really thought it would be fun to get some of all of us. We ended up with quite the turnout…we had Molly’s parents, her sister Karin and little Matthew, of course Molly, Grams (who didn’t make it into any of my pictures), Alie, Maggie, uncle Josh, and myself!

I am trying something new with the family pics. There are usually so many that it takes this site a few minutes to load, so I thought it would be better to just make a slideshow for all to enjoy!

Let me know if this is a good addition or if I should get rid of it and keep posting individual pictures for family events! Your opinion matters 🙂


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