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Franklin Main Street Festival!!

This weekend is the Franklin Main Street Festival down in historic Franklin, TN. Alie and I have never been and she got got an invite from Freshie and Zero to come down to the Mama Made Spring Market to check things out. (We love Freshie…she is awesome to work with and makes great jewlery! I picked up a pair of earrings from her for Alie for Valentine’s Day this year and Alie even picked up another pair later since she liked them so much.) Anyway, let’s get back on track…

It was a street festival and our little family got to go out and have some fun!! Little Maggie had such a good time with all the sights and sounds. We got to meet up with Alie’s friend Molly and my buddy Josh was suppose to meet us there too. (He didn’t make it there, so we swung past his house to visit with him for a while). Geeze…off track again…so we are at the festival walking around seeing everything, doing a little shopping, and just enjoying a gorgeous day. We got to spend some good quality time with Molly and even take some pictures…because I try to never leave the house without my camera!

Here are some shots of Alie, Maggie, and Molly from today:



These were cute in black and white, but the color versions are in my Flickr…


Like I said previously, my buddy Josh was suppose to come meet us…but we got to go to his house instead to visit him. He hadn’t got to see Maggie since she was about a month old, so I think she surprised him on how big she had gotten. I think Alie managed to capture this one of “Uncle” Josh and Maggie, but with us both taking pics we don’t remember who did!

One of the buddies…

It was such a good day and we all had so much fun we didn’t want it to end!

I almost forgot to post this great picture of my beautiful wife. I got so excited posting all the others, that I had to come back and add this one:
Beautiful isn’t she…


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