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I always wonder how my past clients are doing when I don’t get to see them after long periods of time, and this client is not any different! I last saw this family back in 2008 a few months after their daughter, was born. I was so pleased when they asked me back to do another session, but this time it was for their new son, Collin! Just take a look at these cute kiddos and how sweet they are to one another…




Here is Collin with big brither Connor…

Here is that sweet little girl Caitlin who I hadn’t seen in about 3 years!

And this was one of my favorites…it just shows these children just as they are, not all posed up and smiling as we are used to!


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Infant Caitlin :)

I had the opportunity to go take “newborn” pictures of 6 week old Caitlin. She was such a sweet little girl, but she took a while to warm up to me đŸ™‚ Her big brother Connor was sure fun and he loved to play! Caitlin’s parents where so nice and I didn’t want to push my luck getting such wonderful shots of this little girl when she started getting fussy, but the photos I did get are really something!! I hope you like your preview!

We will start off with one of my favorites:


Another one of my fav’s because of the lovely pink wall behind her!!


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