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Growing up with Jack!

Oh my goodness…I just had the honor of taking little Jack’s 12 month pictures! It was so neat to see how big he is now and how much more personality he has compared to when his parents first asked me to take his pictures back in March. This is how I remember Jack from back then:


It is so sweet to see how much this little one has grown. Jack’s parents were some of my first clients and every session with them is just wonderful. We always get some great shots of little Jack and from time to time we sneak in some family shots. Well, to my surprise we got a Christmas card from Jack’s family last week and on the card was the family picture I had taken for them back in September! It is so neat to see how the pictures are being used as you never know what customers are doing with them after I drop off the CD. As luck would have it, we had Jack’s 12 month session back at his house again and as I walked around his house for inspiration, I got to see exactly how his parents put their CD to use! I saw pictures of Jack from 3 months of age on up around the house, a picture I had taken of his sister, and a huge family portrait above the fireplace. This was by far the most breathtaking of all the pictures around Jack’s home because Jack’s mommy found the most beautiful frame to put around their family picture.


I am just so moved that his parents have trusted me to be there for his milestones and to capture those moments they would have for a lifetime. I think I have now rambled on enough about my sentiments with this family so on to the good stuff that you all are waiting for. Here are some of the great pictures we got of Jack this past weekend! My how he has grown just from March!






Alie, my wife, thinks I am crazy but I love this last picture. It reminds me of our daughter and how she would look up at us like this. There is just something precious about moments like this one! Although we as parents look forward to our children learning how to feed themselves and to become more independent so our lives are easier, we will always remember moments like this. Being able to look them right in the eyes and to see nothing but innocence and purity…it connects you at a level only a loving parent would know.


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What a joy it has been being able to watch little Jack grow this year! It seems just like yesterday that his parents asked me to do his 3 month portraits and now he is 9 months old!! My goodness where has the time gone?! Once again I traveled to Jack’s house to take his pictures. It was so nice to see his parents again and little McKinley who got to be my “assistant.”

I had been waiting for Jack to start sitting up as it would really open up a lot of opportunities for pictures and my wish finally came true for this session. We had such a great time despite it being a little overcast, but we took advantage of the day and had the majority of the shoot outside! The weather was great, the company was great, and I think the pictures turned out great!! To Kim and Chris, I hope you like your preview 🙂






There were so many that I really enjoyed, but the last one just speaks to me some how. The innocent look along with a little hint of a smile and the natural glow as well as his eyes just draws me in. I will have to admit that this is one of my most favorites.

In addition to all of the pictures of Jack, I was also able to squeeze in some family pictures. I will generally try to take some family pics upon request, but I generally keep those for the family to see when I deliver the disk. These were so much fun and turned out so well that I just couldn’t keep these hidden! Here is a preview of one of the family shots:



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Jack’s back!!

About three months ago I took little Jack’s three month pictures for his wonderful parents Kim and Chris. I was so honored when they asked me back to do Jack’s six month pictures!! Like last time, the weather didn’t cooperate with us last weekend, but Saturday gave us just enough of a break between rain showers to capture some memorable shots. Kim and Chris were great enough to allow me in their home for this session and it made for a more comfortable setting for Jack.

Kim and Chris, I hope you like your preview! I had a great time and thank you again!






And of course there is nothing like Jack playing with his daddy!


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