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…will & family…

It is so great when one of my clients gets to celebrate his/her first birthday. However, it can be bittersweet for me as I know that I will miss these clients and won’t get to see their children grow up on a more regular basis. This session was a totally great session for this family. The main point was of course to capture Will who had just turned 1, but to also work in an updated family picture because on of the last ones I took for these clients didn’t include little Will.

Will is such a happy little boy and he was having a blast playing with the different props we would get out. He wasn’t too fond of my rocking horse, but I found out with the help of his mommy and daddy that he liked a great big ball they kept in their back yard! He is such the little handsome guy in all of his photos and our evening shoot couldn’t have gone better!


(I loved this old swing that used to belong to my clients grandmother)



Just check out these precious kiddos! They all have the same beautiful blue eyes!

A new mantle shot for this wonderful family…


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finally on facebook

So with school being out for the summer and with no more graduate school to worry about, I have finally joined facebook. Please feel free to become a fan of my jdharris photography page!

…jdharris photography facebook page…

Also, I have added a Facebook badge in my menu on the right!

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…daddy-daughter day…

It was that time again! Alie was away for most of the day on Saturday leaving Maggie and I time to spend together. I brainstormed through different ideas of what we could do together, but she is just at that age where she want to play! So, first we went to a new play place over at the Streets of Indian Lake called Peek-a-boo Playtown. They recently opened and I thought Maggie would just love to give it a try! So, off we went with high hopes and let me say that we were not disappointed. Maggie had the best time playing with all of their different play centers. I was most impressed by the cleanliness of the facilities. I know it is a new location, but in the almost two hours we were there, I saw numerous employees walking around cleaning and picking up the toys. Yes, I said cleaning! All of the toys and play areas were cleaned and disinfected regularly so I had no worries about Maggie and all she had to do is just play!





Afterwards, we went over to the walk-thru fountain to enjoy some water action and to let Maggie cool off. Alie and I tried to take her last year, but she was scared of the fountain. This year, she was ready to dive right in…so I thought. I think she spent the first 30 minutes running laps around the entire fountain, but after some coaxing I finally got her to go into the fountain and to get wet! The funny thing is that she thought it was some kind of water drinking fountain too. She kept stepping up to the spurts of water as if she were at a drinking fountain attempting to get a drink! Anyway, she had an absolute blast and I enjoyed every minute of our time together 🙂




I just love the way she would go play with the water before it got high enough “get her!”

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busy weekend

Last weekend was a busy weekend!! We had all sorts of family and friends in our home to celebrate my completion of my Masters Degree! I finally graduated, after starting this journey two years ago, receiving both my Masters Degree in Arts in Education as well as completing the requirements for my teaching licensure. It is so nice to finally be done and now I can also dedicate more time to my family and photography too! My family took some pictures at the graduation, but my favorite came from a photographer from the Lebanon Democrat in Lebanon, TN. Maggie was having a hard time letting me take part in graduation by myself. She just wanted to come see me while I was standing in line so I bent down to console her and to send her back to her seat. At that moment the photographer caught this:

Josh and Maggie at graduation

Later that evening my wife hosted a graduation party at our house for me and we had a huge turnout! It was so nice to have all of these individuals in our home who have supported me over the past few years. Thank you again to all of our friends and family that were able to attend!

The next day, little JT had his first birthday party where we all got to gather together again! He is just getting so big and I wanted to post a few pics from his party. He is such the big boy now! Maggie just loves being able to spend so much time with all of her cousins!



Little Josh even did a little showing off for us by taking some steps! Here is starting off in front of his mommy…

…and ending up in his daddy’s arms. (I love this one)

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Sweet Emerie’s parents are good friends of one of my clients and I was excited to accomodate their request for a session. We ended up with many great shots and some wonderful family shots to be used as Christmas gifts. Emerie’s parents had remembered that I had done a collage for their friends, and they had requested that we try to create a special collage just for them. Here are the products of our shoot:



This one is one of my favorites…


The family pics:

Even Emerie’s aunt came to join us!

Last, but not least a nice sneak peek at the collage:

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