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I always wonder how my past clients are doing when I don’t get to see them after long periods of time, and this client is not any different! I last saw this family back in 2008 a few months after their daughter, was born. I was so pleased when they asked me back to do another session, but this time it was for their new son, Collin! Just take a look at these cute kiddos and how sweet they are to one another…




Here is Collin with big brither Connor…

Here is that sweet little girl Caitlin who I hadn’t seen in about 3 years!

And this was one of my favorites…it just shows these children just as they are, not all posed up and smiling as we are used to!


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I got a wonderful call back from Jaxon’s mom asking if I would be interested in doing a three-month session for their newest son, Ashton. I was so happy that they allowed me in their home again to see this growing family and to meet little Ashton! He is such a cutie and I was even more amazed how much Jaxon has grown in the past few years! We will start off with a few captures of my little three year-old buddy, Jaxon, and then move on to the sweet Ashton.


…just look at this little man!


And now it is Ashton’s turn…

This little guy had found his hands earlier and was sure to show them off in almost every frame we had!




This is one of my new favorites!



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So sweet baby McClain came over to have a 3 month photo session. She is just the most precious little girl and just as cute as could be! As much as I want to type about the ups and downs of our photo session, I just can’t wait to get to the pictures. It was one of those sessions where we had so many photos to choose from that I didn’t even know where to start. Here are a few of my favorites!



These last two are just some of my all time favorites…

and this one where McClain’s daddy was holding her

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I was privileged to be able to revisit a family I hadn’t seen in a while and I couldn’t have been happier. I had taken pictures of their son Jack and they have since had another little boy named Will. He was just as precious as Jack was at this age and was just a pleasure to photograph. A big thank you to Will’s parents for having me back and I hope you enjoy your preview!






Instead of the full family photo that we usually sneak in, we went for a group portrait of just the kids. Just look how sweet they all are!

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Mayzie at Fairvue

So Mayzie’s parents wanted to do a 3 month session and it just happened to be warm enough to go outside. We were brainstorming ideas for places to go, and I mentioned Fairvue Plantation. Her parents loved the idea and we came away with a wonderful session. We were able to get many family pictures so they could have some choices for holiday cards! I love this time of year ­čÖé





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Sweet Emerie’s parents are good friends of one of my clients and I was excited to accomodate their request for a session. We ended up with many great shots and some wonderful family shots to be used as Christmas gifts. Emerie’s parents had remembered that I had done a collage for their friends, and they had requested that we try to create a special collage just for them. Here are the products of our shoot:



This one is one of my favorites…


The family pics:

Even Emerie’s aunt came to join us!

Last, but not least a nice sneak peek at the collage:

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I have been taking pictures of Hudson for a while now and I was so excited when his mother contacted me about taking his 9 month pictures and some of┬áhis new little brother. Hudson’s parents went to Ethiopiaabout a month ago to finally meet and bring home little Sol (Solomon) who was about 3 months old. It was such a joy to see these two brothers interacting and just to see this family as a whole loving on each other. These two little men are just adorable and were in quite the good mood for our session. I am so glad┬áthat their mother trusted me to capture┬áthese precious moments of these two brothers!┬áPlease enjoy ­čÖé
Lets start with Hudson:



And of course our baseball picture…

Now for Sol to have his turn in the spotlight:



And we have even started the same tradition with Sol…the baseball pic! I even c0nverted it to sepia tone to match the first one we took of Hudson.


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