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Hudson at Riverwood Mansion

Well, I got a request from my other Hudson’s parents to do his 6 month pictures! I always love it when clients come back as it assures me that they like my work and are pleased with the pictures they had received. Well, we scheduled for the Saturday following turkey day, and then the they sent an email back asking if I would be opposed to going down to the beautiful Riverwood Mansion and having Hudson’s session. I am always happy to try new locations as it makes my job exciting and the possibilities endless. It turns out that Hudson’s parents were married at Riverwood and this is a sentimental location for them so it was even more meaningful to have his pictures taken there. Hudson’s parents were kind enough to work out the details for allowing us to shoot at Riverwood since they have some “connections,” and it was such a wonderful place that I am sure is just beautiful in the spring and summer time for weddings with all the gardens and trees everywhere. However, on this cold overcast November Saturday, it was a perfect backdrop for some precious fall portraits.

I had a few requests from the parents on some pictures, but they generally left the rest up to me. Hudson is still working on sitting up, but he had the hang of it for the duration of the session which made the session so much easier on everyone. I think we were able to get some wonderful shots and I can’t wait for Hudson’s parents to get to see all of them! I hope you all like your preview and thanks again for a wonderful experience at Riverwood!



Remember when I said he was still working on sitting up? Hudson took a tumble backwards while we were shooting out in the leaves and I captured this shot. Every time I look at this picture I giggle!

Hudson’s mommy was playing with him during this shot. I was going to ask that she move back just a bit, but what a wonderful moment to capture.

Love the hat on this little man!

Hudson’s daddy is a tall guy like me, so when I saw him playing with Hudson in these extra tall door ways, I just had to get this shot. All I can say is I wish I had a picture like this:



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…what are you thankful for?

I have so much to be grateful for this year and one of the most important is family. I love my family and my extended family. We all have our quirks and we all disagree from time to time, but we are always there for each other. Unfortunately, my family is spread across a few states. My sister and her family are getting closer, but Texas is still kinda far away. My parents, and my brother and his family are in Indiana. Although they are only 4 hours away, we still don’t get to see one another on a regular basis. We are, however, close to Alie’s family. Her sister and her family live about 100 yards away, and her parents and grandparents are just about 10 miles up the road. I am so thankful to have them all close as they are special people and they have all helped Alie and I so much along our way.

I always miss my side of the family, especially around the holidays, although we have tried to spend as much time with everyone ever since we started dating. Splitting holidays, spending entire holidays in one state or another, but now that we have Maggie it is hard to be pulled in so many directions. Because I do miss my family, it is wonderful to know at least Alie’s family is nearby to help fill the void for me. We are able to get together for holidays and birthdays with one another and it is something that I truly love. I know I will never be able to do this with both sides of our families since we are so spread out, but I know we are grateful to at least spend this time we have with one family or another.

This Thanksgiving, we all met at Alie’s parents house as usual to have Thanksgiving lunch. We have tried to make it a point to take pictures with Alie’s grandparents as you never know how much more time you have with anyone. I lost both of my grandfather’s when I was a freshman in college and their loss made me more appreciative of all of my family that remains. I mean, if my family can almost lose me, then you can lose anyone anytime! As you can tell, I love to take pictures so I am always happy to lug around my gear to our family events. We managed to get a good family picture, although it was hard enough to just get the whole family to stand still for just a few minutes while I took the pictures. Afterwards, Alie and I wanted to get some pictures of Anna, Isaac, Luke, and Mary since we don’t have a lot of updated pictures of them. Mary ended up heading for a nap after the family pics, so we grabbed the others for some quick pictures. I have to say that their pictures are some of my favorites so far and I know that I am going to be hounded for these pictures once our family sees them, but I just have to post them!

The whole family:

Anna and Alie both looking pretty as ever…


And Luke…

I loved all of the pictures I managed to get and one of these days I will get some of Mary and the rest of her family, but for now these will have to work as a teaser 🙂 I am very thankful to have Alie’s family and I am thankful for my own side of our family. One of these days I will hopefully be able to show my appreciation by getting some more pictures of both sides of my family!

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The Simms Family

I received an email not long ago from the Simms family asking if I would take their family portraits. Well, we worked through some details and a busy schedule and met down at The Factory in Franklin for their photo shoot last weekend. Well, as beautiful as the day started out, it sure got dark freakishly quick which effected our session. Well, there are times in life in which you have to make the best of what you have and this is exactly what we did! I managed to capture some wonderful photos for this family and they were all great sports during the whole session. Thanks again to the Simms family for a great session! Here are some sneak peeks of this wonderful family:




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…return of Jaxon!

I had the privilege of taking sweet little Jaxon’s 6 month pictures recently. It was so neat to be invited back by Jaxon’s parents to have another milestone session and to see how much he has grown! He is quite the little man and his pictures were so much fun. We stared off at Jaxon’s home, but with such great weather on the day of the shoot, I convinced Jaxon’s parents to go outside for more pictures. We ended up at a small park area near by for some wonderful shots. I hope this sneak peek is well worth the wait as these are just adorable 🙂

When we start by getting poses this cute you know it is going to be a great session!


I had added this wonderful suit case to my bag of tricks thanks to my wife, and with her help I recently recovered the inside with this great polka-dot fabric. I think it makes for a wonderful prop…

Jaxon practicing his Gerber look…

Last but not least is a family picture. While we were at the park shooting, there was this wonderful shoreline with the curvy walkway that just inspired me. I knew that while I was taking these they would be good, but look at what a beautiful picture this turned out to be!

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…Family Session…

I had a wonderful lady named Nancy contact me at the end of September and ask if I could do a session for her family and also take some portraits of their daughter so they could use them for her daughter’s birthday in December as well as Christmas. Well, I worked with Nancy to schedule today for this session time with her and her family and what a joy it was to spend some time with them this morning. I traveled down to a park not far from their home where I finally got to meet Nancy, Chris, and their daughter Lilli. All I have to say is that they were a wonderful family and their daughter Lilli is just a little cutie! She reminded me of my little Maggie and it was so neat to see all of them interact with each other. The weather was great and we had such a wonderful time at the shoot that I couldn’t wait to get home and to start processing the pictures. Well, as promised here is a little sneak peak at what is in store for this family!


I love Lilli’s expression in this capture. It is just priceless and she was just like this the whole time!!

And this was one of my favorites!! Just a simple sweet moment with Lilli and daddy Chris.

And now some of just Lilli…I mean how could you not take a picture of this precious little girl with those big blue eyes!


Thank you again for such a wonderful family session today!


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