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In the beginning…

I finally did it! I have created a blog to showcase my photography. I can always remember being drawn to photography. Since my first lesson on a manual SLR back as a cubscout to learning how to control the shutter speed and aperature with my automatic SLR in college, I have always had a love for the hobby and profession. Alot of encouragement lately has rekindled my desire to shoot and to become a better photographer. This blog will be my way of keeping track of what I have accomplished and you will get to see what I see through my eye…

Just to start off, here are a few of my personal favorites of my best little model, my little girl Maggie:



And yes, I do color pictures as well…those just happen to be some of my favorites in B&W!



I will try to post more later, but this gives you an idea. I love the natural sytle of photography and I like to capture this using the lovely glow of natural light. I started out using Canon brand equipment and I continue to do so. I have a lot of people ask about the equipment I use. All I can say that it isn’t always the equipment that produces great pictures, its who’s holding the camera! But just to brag, I recently upgraded to a Canon 40D (from a Rebel XTi), and a nice collection of Canon fast glass: 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.8, 24-70mm f2.8L, and 70-200mm f2.8L.

I do not recommend anyone to just go and plop down the cash for this kind if equipment without researching it and yor style first. I spent lots of time researching before buying which resulted with my lenses and camera. If I could add one more lens to my line-up it would have to be a 24mm f1.4L, but that is quite the chunk of change for that beauty. I was lucky enough to have a collection of paintball equipment that I liquidated to afford all of my photography equipment. Otherwise I would still be using my basic XTi and my Sigma lenses (which I have had since I started shooting film about 8 years ago).

Speaking of styles…I love the natural look as I spoke of earlier. I receive a lot of inspiration from other photographer’s works that get my creative juices flowing and make me want to persue this as a profession rather than a serious hobby. I love the work of Angela Crutcher, which we were lucky enough to have her do Maggie’s newborn pictures. I also enjoy many others, but to name a few: Anna Kuperberg, Skye Hardwick, and Carley McDaniel.

I am starting to take on clients as time permits, but I must say I love children’s photography, especially during that first year when you can capture that sweet newborn innocense. For all of those out there looking to hire someone to fulfill your photography needs, please remember that when you hire one of these artists, there is a lot of time and effort put into your sessions and it continues afterwards too! Photographers also have to be computer wizzes becuase the new digital world also led the way to the digital darkroom, or as some refer to it, a lightroom. It takes hours for a photog to sit down and to critique each one of the pictures and to perform their magic to give you the final results. A lot of what you are paying for when it comes to a “session fee” is the time and talent of the artist. It may only take a few hours to just take the pictures, but the countless hours behind a computer just starts as soon as they get home! So those times you grumble and groan because you paid how much for just 30 pictures, please remember that probably 12 hours went into developing those picture and making them perfect for you!

Speaking of money, being a photographer is not my full time job. In fact, I am more of a serious hobbiest with a full time job as a computer programmer/systems enginner for a company called AccuImage, LLC. They are the best company ever and they continue to provide me with new challenges from week to week. It is late and I need to wrap things up (darn daylight saving time change). I hope to provide everyone with beautiful pictures as well as some amusement from time to time. Feel free to leave comments and messages as I do have access to email 24×7!


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