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!!Maggie Montage!!

Well…I realize I haven’t posted in a while and I am sorry. These pictures should make up for it though once you see how stinkin’ cute Maggie was being today. She is quite the little ham when she sees daddy with the camera pointed at her! She was in such a good mood and I couldn’t resist not taking a few pictures [cough] 20 [/cough]. I do have some shoots scheduled during the next month so until then it is just fun family pics for me!!

First lets start off with daddy’s favorite. This is how I always see her…neck broke back looking up at me!
These next ones are favorites too, but I like that first one for some reason…

(yes, she put a smudge on my lens which I later cleaned off…)

Daddy?! Is that you in there?!?!

Oh, what’s that down there…

Daddy…are you still there???



I’m gonna eat you!!!! Aarrgghh!!! Get in my belly!!!!

Are you still in there?!

Why don’t you take a picture; it will last longer!!!

Who couldn’t resist taking so many pictures of her baby blues. She has her momma’s beautiful big blue eyes and they will just steal your heart 🙂


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in the swing of things…

It is still baseball season for the twins and we enjoyed another one of their games yesterday evening. They are getting better with every game and it is so exciting to watch them on the field. Both of the boys played great yesterday and I was there ready for action as usual. What is even better is when the whole family gets to turn out to support the boys. We had everyone from great-grandparents down to their sisters at the game to cheer them on! Here are a few great shots from the game. These first two are of Issac.



And lets not forget Luke. Although I think he was ready to go back in to bat some more!
(This was a fun capture of Luke. If you go to see the big picture you can actually see what he is doing.)

Lets not forget some of the biggest fans of the baseball games…
Their little sister Mary…

And little Maggie!

We even took Dexter with us so he could get out of the house. We thought that possibly he could play with the children there and it would wear him out! Sure enough he had about all he could take after about 45 minutes and was ready to go. By the time we got home he was “dog” tired! 😀

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…little league…

Well remember a few months ago when I posted pictures of the nephews at baseball practice? Well, they have finally got to have some games due to all the rain over the past month and here are a few shots from their game last night. It is so neat to see them growing up and getting better in baseball…

(a picture of both boys playing the field with a proud daddy out there with them)


And of course you have to love the batting pictures. The boys even got to be in the line-up right after each other! It’s kinda hard to see, but while Isaac is batting Luke is on deck.

(little Luke is really giving it his all in this swing :))

Grandmother also came to watch the boys in action. Little Mary was just worn out from all the fun so she was napping!

Last but not least Issac earned the game ball from last nights game!

(Don’t worry Brea, Grandmother, and Juju; I will get you all of their pictures at the end of their season so you can make prints.)

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Kaylor Quickie…

After the zoo trip on Sunday we rushed back home so I could whip up some dinner for some really great people! Kerry and Courtney are brand new parents to little Kaylor who was born about a month ago! Alie works with Courtney and we had been promising to bring them dinner and they finally cashed in on our offer. After a mad dash through the kitchen to create a meal, we rushed it over so it would be ready to eat (and so we could finally meet little Kaylor). What a little cutie she is! She is so sweet and she had quite the proud parents too! 

While we were there, I offered to take some quick pics for Courtney and here are a few from our visit. Courtney, I hope you liked your pics! These were some of my favorites out of the few we got. Maybe later we can do more of a formal session where we can capture more of this sweet little girl!!



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…zoo trip…

With the wonderful weather we had this past weekend, Alie and I had planned on meeting up with Molly’s family so we could see her sister and finally meet little Matthew. Lucky for us we all wanted to meet at the zoo and I love going to the zoo! There are so many photo opportunities around with all the animals, but I really thought it would be fun to get some of all of us. We ended up with quite the turnout…we had Molly’s parents, her sister Karin and little Matthew, of course Molly, Grams (who didn’t make it into any of my pictures), Alie, Maggie, uncle Josh, and myself!

I am trying something new with the family pics. There are usually so many that it takes this site a few minutes to load, so I thought it would be better to just make a slideshow for all to enjoy!

Let me know if this is a good addition or if I should get rid of it and keep posting individual pictures for family events! Your opinion matters 🙂

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