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So here in Tennessee we were expecting snow today. One thing that anyone has to understand about me is how much I love the snow. My mood changes, I get giddy, and just a new level of excitement comes over me. I also get a chance to experience my zen moment — being out in the snow and not hearing anything else but the snow falling around me. It is a hard moment to come by, but I soak it all in when I can get it.

So, as I was standing in my kitchen admiring the snow from a large window, I noticed a cow standing in the pasture behind our home. This is nothing new because there are always lots of cows in this pasture, however this one was covered in snow and standing off away from the others who were huddled together. For some reason I loved what I saw and my inner photographer jumped went to work. I got everything on, camera in hand, and got to the back door just in time to notice that the cow moved. I decided to venture out anyway hoping to make the most of the situation. Of course, I snuck in my zen moment before walking all the way back to the pasture. The cows were all huddled around a bale of hay and the snow was falling at a high rate. I was working my way up and down the fence row and I noticed I had a fan. One cow had ventured its way outside the rest of the group and was checking me out. I loved the situation and made sure to capture the moment. Enjoy!


My fan!


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…snow days and circus…

Alie’s good friend Lyndsey loves the circus. Last year she found out that the Ringling Bros. were coming to Nashville and she really wanted to go. Alie wanted to take Maggie and I thought it would be fun so we went and had a great time. Well, the circus was back again a few weeks ago and guess who was just dying to go! So we all loaded up again and got to go to the circus. We had some great seats and I couldn’t resist taking my camera. Here are a few shots that I managed to get while we were there. I just loved the look in Maggie’s eyes as she gazed at the show:




This last shot was a personal favorite. There were these two guys that did an act with a cylindrical roll cage attached to a large swinging boom-thing. (Technical, I know!) While they were getting setup, the tiger act was in center ring with all the lights directed towards it. Luckily, our seats put us in the best place for the upcoming act and I couldn’t help but to take a picture of the guy as he “psyched himself up.” I have experienced those same kind of moments before basketball games, meetings, presentations, etc. and it is just a personal moment you need to get in touch with yourself. It was also one of those moments where he probably though no one was paying any attention to him, but I sure was following his every move.


Overall, we had a great time and Maggie loved everything about the circus.

A little change of direction here, but I would have to say that becoming a teacher has been the most rewarding experience of my life. There are some rewards that come from working with my students that I will never be able to explain. However, there is one reward that we have all experienced and that I have grown to love again — SNOW DAYS! Growing up in Indiana, we had our share of snow days, but here in Tennessee it is another story. Were we live, we usually get out for bad conditions in the northern part of the county, but we just don’t get anything at our house. Well, this year proved to be an exception. We had a great snow fall were we got around 5 inches and Maggie was so excited to go make a “no-man.” The snow wasn’t wet enough to make it packable, but she still loved getting out and playing in it. We even got a make-shift sled and took her for a ride (which she loved!). Here are a few pics of my snow bunnies and even Dexter got to make an appearance. You have never seen a dog get more excited than when he is out in the snow. He loves to run around and stick his face in it!





Thanks for taking a moment to see what I have been up to. As most other photographers will confess, the winter season is a slow season unless you live some where warm and sunny all year-long. I am grateful for the break, but I do miss seeing all of my clients and finding new ways to impress them! Until next time…

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