Client Comments

I know that sometimes the pictures alone can’t speak for themselves and it helps to have client comments/testimonials. I appreciate all comments from clients as well as critiques from the sessions we have had!!


8 responses to “Client Comments

  1. Heather Thompson

    Thank you so much for taking Isabella’s 6 month pictures. They were gorgeous! I was so thrilled to see how many different shots you got of her sweet face. I will cherish these forever! Thank you so much,

  2. Josh,
    Thank you so much for taking Kaylor’s 3 month pictures! I have already had so many compliments on how great they are. We had so much fun doing the shoot and I just love all the different types of pictures you were able to take. These pictures are priceless! Thank You.


  3. I can’t stop looking at Jack’s pictures. And McKinley & Chris too! I am so pleased! I just had my prints & enlargements made this week and love the ability to do all that myself. You are very talented Josh and I’ll be throwing your name out all over town! We’ll see you at 9 mos! K-

  4. jakobeliot

    We can’t thank you enough for taking Jake’s six-month photos. We haven’t stopped looking at them. You have such an amazing eye for shots, and the lighting . . . good gracious, it’s perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. Nancy Cornwell


    Thank you so much for the wonderful family pictures but especially the ones of Lilli. You captured her spirit and I will always love to look at these pictures and remember her on that day. I look forward to working with you again in the future as Lilli gets older. Thank you so much!

  6. Lori Harris

    Hey Uncle Josh! We never got to send you a thank you for taking the awesome pictures of the kids!! We have created a sort of montage of all the pictures that you have taken of our beautiful little ones! You do awesome work. People say, who took these awesome pictures and we are very proud to say, our brother/in-law took them! Aren’t they great!! Everyone loves them back here! Thank you so much again!! We love ya!!

  7. Liz Coop

    Your Work is amazing I will inquire soon when youngest turns one in April! Here is my comment for Maggie Moo’s Giveaway!

  8. Julie Holland

    Josh, you know I am one of your biggest fans. Your photography is amazing and I know that the gift of pictures you provide to your clients is something they will forever treasure.
    P.S. I want to win Ali’s drawing — so this is my comment on your blog for that.

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