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Maggie Moo!!!

Well, sweet Maggie is turning 15 months old and we got a jump on her pictures this weekend. One of the only bad things about being a photographer is you have to schedule a shoot with yourself for your own daughter! We tried to do her 1 year pictures, but Maggie wasn’t in the best of moods so we got just a handful of pictures. This time for her 15 month pictures we wanted to go all out. I really wanted to go outside to take her pictures so Alie and I spent the longest time just trying to decide where. Finally, it hit us this morning…Juju and Poppie Eddie’s house! It was the backdrop for our wedding photos and what would be better than on this beautiful day than to have a shoot at such a beautiful location. Well, within an hour and a half of getting up, we were on the road and started shooting as soon as we got there to take advantage of the great conditions. We had so many beautiful choices for shots and we had such great help from Juju and Poppie Eddie that Alie and I got finished in an hour and a half.

Once we got home, we sorted through all of these wonderful shots and I started the post processing and got them completed this evening. Here is just a small sample of what beautiful shots we got and I am posting a few here and a few others on our home blog. These are so beautiful and thank you again to Alie, Juju, and Poppie Eddie for the help today 🙂





And one of my absolute favorites from the shoot:



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