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In case you don’t know what that means, that is what is generally used to represent D raised to the third power, or D-cubed. It was Daddy-Daughter Day again as Alie was helping with the Encores and More North Consignment sale leaving Maggie and I to spend the day together. We went on some errand runs this morning so I could get a few extra things for my classroom. After running around, we went over to the Streets of Indian lake and took a few pictures so I could have a few of her near her third birthday. She was looking quite cute today in her polka-dots and little bunny necklace, and I was ready to test my new 50mm lens that hadn’t had a proper testing yet. Just take a look:


(I love this one. She is scrunching her nose and forcing a smile :))


Bunny even made it to the shoot! According to Maggie, he was feeling left out!


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…daddy-daughter day…

It was that time again! Alie was away for most of the day on Saturday leaving Maggie and I time to spend together. I brainstormed through different ideas of what we could do together, but she is just at that age where she want to play! So, first we went to a new play place over at the Streets of Indian Lake called Peek-a-boo Playtown. They recently opened and I thought Maggie would just love to give it a try! So, off we went with high hopes and let me say that we were not disappointed. Maggie had the best time playing with all of their different play centers. I was most impressed by the cleanliness of the facilities. I know it is a new location, but in the almost two hours we were there, I saw numerous employees walking around cleaning and picking up the toys. Yes, I said cleaning! All of the toys and play areas were cleaned and disinfected regularly so I had no worries about Maggie and all she had to do is just play!





Afterwards, we went over to the walk-thru fountain to enjoy some water action and to let Maggie cool off. Alie and I tried to take her last year, but she was scared of the fountain. This year, she was ready to dive right in…so I thought. I think she spent the first 30 minutes running laps around the entire fountain, but after some coaxing I finally got her to go into the fountain and to get wet! The funny thing is that she thought it was some kind of water drinking fountain too. She kept stepping up to the spurts of water as if she were at a drinking fountain attempting to get a drink! Anyway, she had an absolute blast and I enjoyed every minute of our time together 🙂




I just love the way she would go play with the water before it got high enough “get her!”

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daddy-daughter weekend

As stated in some posts that seem like forever ago, every once in a while Maggie and I get daddy-daughter days. Well, in this case it was a weekend! Alie had been planning a weekend trip to Gatlinburg with some of the other teachers where she works. So, I said to go have a good time and I will do my best to take care of our daughter and not destroy the house. Well, sometimes with Maggie it is hard to come up with activities that will keep her engaged the whole time. I started mentally flipping through activities that I enjoy and that she too may enjoy. My mind wandered back to when I was a youngster and I would “cook” with my mom. In actuality she would do all the work and I got to enjoy the treats. So, I wanted to cook with Maggie just like I use to with my mom.

On Saturday, we had a good day together doing different activities like attending a middle school b-team basketball game, grocery shopping, etc. and by that evening we were ready to cook! Maggie loves cupcakes, so what better to make with her than yummy cupcakes. I thought about pulling out all the stops and making them from scratch (did I mention I love to cook {and eat}?!), but since it was kinda late in the evening and her attention span was dwindling we settled for a box-mix and a can of icing. After about 15 minutes we had mixed up everything and started the baking process. Just check out how much she LOVED licking the cake batter. I used to…wait I STILL love doing this too.




And yes, that is batter on her forehead. I knew it would be too late when the cupcakes were all finished to eat them, so we waited until today (Sunday) to eat some. I told her that she needed to look at me because her Aunt Jodie would love to see her munching on some homemade goodies. Aunt Jodie is who inspired me to pick up cooking, and I know that Maggie loves her Auntie although she has only got to meet her a couple of times so I had to use it as leverage.


Once we got done eating our cupcakes, we went to McDonald’s to get some lunch and then we were going to head to the Adventure Science Center in Nashville. We were going to pick up Alie down in Nash’ anyway so why not go have some fun?! By the way, not only does Maggie like cupcakes, she loves McNuggets from Micky-D’s and I wanted to make sure she ate before we got Alie.


I don’t know why she has her hands over her ears, but it was one of the only pictures we got because we were there for only about a half an hour (thank goodness for free admissions for teachers). We had some great times this weekend, but my most favorite was this morning when Maggie walked up behind me while I was getting a drink and she hugged my leg and said in her own words “I love you daddy.” And yes that is before I tempted her with a cupcake 🙂 It is moments like that which is why I love what all my wife has done for me and I will forever cherish the gifts she has given to me.


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Daddy-Daughter Day!

Well, on occasion Maggie and I get to have daddy-daughter day. This is usually because I don’t get to spend too much time with her during the week and God bless my wife, she just needs a break sometime. So if Alie just needs to run out and do some errands or if I need to run errands then I keep Maggie or take her with me so we can have our daddy-daughter day! We have been many places as just the two of us and it is always a sweet memory for me. Today, Alie just needed to do some running this morning and as much as she would have liked for us to go with her, we decided that Maggie and I would stay home and spend time together. Poor little Maggie has started teething so she has had some trouble sleeping through the night, and she is also a slobbery-snotty mess so some daddy-daughter time is just what we needed. She is the cutest little thing and I love taking her picture. I have ended up with many wonderful photos from our little impromptu sessions such as the ones below. I hope you all enjoy!





And here they all are in black and white…





I love being able to see the pictures in both color and black and white. There are sometimes when a color image just can’t convey what the simplicity of a bold black and white picture can. I always like trying a picture in both and sometimes I end up liking one more than another and only keeping the one I like. Othertimes they both look good and I keep the both of them…

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