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So we took some time yesterday evening to try to shoot Maggie’s two year pictures. She was a little distracted during our shoot (we were at Poppie and Juju’s and she wanted to play) but we still managed to get some cute shots of her. She is getting so big and she has the cutest little smile! I just can’t believe how sweet she is. Alie and I love being around her and playing with her. We are so proud that our baby has grown up into this little girl!!



Here is Maggie playing with her watering can. Thanks to Poppie her favorite past time while at their house is watering the flowers with her little watering can.

There’s that smile! Dimples and all 🙂

And here is Maggie “reading” Dumbo, which is her favorite book. She is getting quite good at showing the pictures to her audience as she “reads.”



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