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the circus

Unfortunately I’m not talking about my extended family and the holidays! I am talking about the for real circus, Barnum and Bailey style! We have made it a tradition of taking Maggie to the circus and she loves it! This year she was super excited to go see the “unicorn.” I know what you all are thinking, didn’t they get out of the side-show acts like a long time ago. Yes, they did. For some reason, Maggie thought there was going to be a unicorn at the circus and was excited to see it. We had to play off one of the little ponies as a unicorn so she wouldn’t get too disappointed. The sad part is, we have tried to explain to her what is real and was is not real, and we just didn’t have the heart to break her excitement while en route to the circus when she threw that curveball at us. After watching the entire circus, all I have to say is that last year’s was much better. More excitement, more tricks, more entertaining. This year’s was just kinda…ho-hum. In fact, I looked back on the action shots I had and the other cool pics from last year and realized I had nothing to compare to it. I did end up with a couple of pics of Maggie that I decided to share (hence the post). One is similar to last year where she is just sitting by herself watching and there was just a little bit of light falling on her face. The other is a sweet memory of Maggie sitting on mommy’s lap…



Please know that both of these pictures were taken via available light. No special light modifiers or hours worth of Photoshopping required here. These were just like I remember them and just how I want all of my clients to remember their sessions and those they love. No special magic or endless hours processing photographs to make them look artificial, just some good old-fashioned creativity and talent 🙂


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