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Family visit…

Talk about a full weekend. I got to have both my parents and my brother and his family in my home for the whole weekend. It was great to have them all here, and I was even more happy to oblige when Lori, my sister-in-law, asked me to take a few pictures of my niece and nephew. I haven’t got to take any pictures of them in such a long time, so I was ecstatic to be able to. After such an action packed weekend, here is what I was able to¬†capture!

Little Dane is now 8 months old!

I love this picture of my brother and Dane:

And we can’t forget Sophie:

And what would be best than a mommy daughter picture!


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Meet JT!

My dear sweet sister-in-law, Brea, and her hubby Jonathan have adopted a sweet little boy a few weeks ago. They finally got to bring him home last Friday night and Alie and I stopped by to see all of them and to meet our new nephew this past Saturday. He is such a sweet little boy with a head full of curly hair. His official name is Joshua Tucker, but the fam’ has started with the nickname JT. Personally, I think he has a great name, but that is just my opinion ūüôā

Anyway, you all are here for my pictures, not my words so off to the goods:






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Welcome little Dane!

I am proud to announce that I am an uncle once again! On January 2, my brother and his family welcomed their first son, Dane, into the world. Although he was about a month early he is just perfect ūüôā We had to wait to go back to Indiana to see all of them because Maggie and I were sick and we didn’t want to spread germs, but we finally got to go up this weekend and what a cutie he is!! Like I mentioned he was a month early and he only weighed in at 5lb. 10oz.,¬†but he was¬†20 inches long! He was so small, but he was just the best little boy anyone could ask for.

We were so excited to be there to see all of them and to be able to help out in any way we could. Personally, I also didn’t want miss an opportunity to get some great newborn shots of my own nephew while we were there! As much as I wanted to have a long,¬†great session with little Dane, I didn’t want to take away from our time¬†there¬†and I¬†had to capture what I could get without interfering too much¬†with everyone. I¬†had planned so many shots that I would have loved to get,¬†and although I didn’t get all I wanted,¬†I still love the ones I was able to get.

Here are some of what I was able to capture just to show off my new nephew!


“The Yawn”


“The Smile”


This was one of my favorites as you can see just how small he is. My brother was holding him and you can see a great size relationship with his thumb:

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