Long awaited family pics!

I have been waiting since November to post these pictures as they were intended for a Christmas present. Little Kaylor’s parents approached me and asked if I could do a family shoot for them as they wanted to give Kaylor’s grandmother a family portrait for Christmas. I was excited to do this for them and we got it all setup. The day of the shoot was probably one of the first cold days we had this year and it was a little overcast. That didn’t stop us from making some of the greatest family pics to date! We started off here at my house as there was a great tree in the backyard sporting some beautiful yellow fall leaves. After some shots here, we went to another location to take advantage of a bridge that made for a wonderful background! I didn’t envy Kaylor’s parents when it came time to choose the picture for the present, but a few weeks ago I got to see what they had printed in a 16×20! It was just beautiful and made me wish I had one of my family. Hopefully one of these days I will be able to 🙂 Lets start off by first showing the picture used for the print:

And these others were just too good not to post!





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  1. My mother-in-law cried when she saw this picture! It is beautiful over the fireplace in her living room. This will be something that she cherishes forever. Thank You!

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