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So here in Tennessee we were expecting snow today. One thing that anyone has to understand about me is how much I love the snow. My mood changes, I get giddy, and just a new level of excitement comes over me. I also get a chance to experience my zen moment — being out in the snow and not hearing anything else but the snow falling around me. It is a hard moment to come by, but I soak it all in when I can get it.

So, as I was standing in my kitchen admiring the snow from a large window, I noticed a cow standing in the pasture behind our home. This is nothing new because there are always lots of cows in this pasture, however this one was covered in snow and standing off away from the others who were huddled together. For some reason I loved what I saw and my inner photographer jumped went to work. I got everything on, camera in hand, and got to the back door just in time to notice that the cow moved. I decided to venture out anyway hoping to make the most of the situation. Of course, I snuck in my zen moment before walking all the way back to the pasture. The cows were all huddled around a bale of hay and the snow was falling at a high rate. I was working my way up and down the fence row and I noticed I had a fan. One cow had ventured its way outside the rest of the group and was checking me out. I loved the situation and made sure to capture the moment. Enjoy!


My fan!


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I am adopting a new philosophy from one of my favorite photographers…GOYA. It stands for Get Off Your Arse. Zack Arias is someone I look up to in the sense that he set out to make something of himself as a photographer and he has been successful in doing just that! I want to do the same and his philosophy of GOYA is to simply get out and shoot. Work on your skills and work on making yourself a better photographer. I spent half of my summer so far involved with basketball and now I am ready to refocus (no pun intended). So here is my first posting for the GOYA category!

To start us off, I had to take some inspiration from another photographer that I admire, Anna Kuperberg. She has two divisions to her photography business, one is for her portraiture of people and the other is for dogs (SlobberSpace). I thought how much fun it would be to try out portraiture of dogs. Well, let me say that I think that infants are easier and pet photography has earned a newfound respect in my mind! Or, it could have been that my dog, Dexter, was just that big of a nerd that he didn’t want his picture taken. Either way here is the beginning of GOYA!



This last one is my favorite!

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