Sweet Savannah just happens to be one of my students! Let me just say, as a student she was top notch! This past school year she was a seventh grader in my advanced eighth grade math class and she did quite well! Her mother is also one of my coworkers and she called a little while back asking if I could help them with a project they had. Savannah is currently the Miss Tennessee Jr. National Teenager of 2010 and she was in need of some extra pictures that would be more casual showing her youthful side. So I jumped at the chance to help this sweet girl in any way I could. I have included a few pictures to show everyone what a beautiful young lady Savannah is and to tease her mom until I can deliver a disc! Overall we had lots of great pictures and I think Savannah will be able to make one or two of these work! Congratulations on your achievements thus far and best of luck with the pageants in the future! Such a smart, talented, and beautiful young lady will definitely be a triple-threat in the pageant world!




This last one happens to be one of my favorites! She was picking off the heads of the little wildflowers she had and tossing them in the wind! Such an innocent moment caught in the act!


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