I am adopting a new philosophy from one of my favorite photographers…GOYA. It stands for Get Off Your Arse. Zack Arias is someone I look up to in the sense that he set out to make something of himself as a photographer and he has been successful in doing just that! I want to do the same and his philosophy of GOYA is to simply get out and shoot. Work on your skills and work on making yourself a better photographer. I spent half of my summer so far involved with basketball and now I am ready to refocus (no pun intended). So here is my first posting for the GOYA category!

To start us off, I had to take some inspiration from another photographer that I admire, Anna Kuperberg. She has two divisions to her photography business, one is for her portraiture of people and the other is for dogs (SlobberSpace). I thought how much fun it would be to try out portraiture of dogs. Well, let me say that I think that infants are easier and pet photography has earned a newfound respect in my mind! Or, it could have been that my dog, Dexter, was just that big of a nerd that he didn’t want his picture taken. Either way here is the beginning of GOYA!



This last one is my favorite!


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  1. Elaine

    well you would never tell from these shots that your dog was not a great model! Love the last one but they are all so good.

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