I remember the first time I had a session with Lilli, she reminded me so much of my little Maggie. She was this sweet little blonde haired girl who had these big blue eyes that would just melt your heart. When her mommy sent me a request to do her 2 year pictures I couldn’t wait to see how much she had grown in a year! We scheduled to shoot down in Nashville at the Parthenon again to take advantage of the grounds and the architecture. Sure enough, Lilli was just as sweet as ever and she has gotten so big now! Just have a look…




I love how her mommy and daddy snuck a quick kiss in while we were waiting for her to come back around the column!





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3 responses to “…lilli…

  1. Great photos! I really need to go downtown to the Parthenon now.

    Side question..How did you get the flickr photos to show up on the sidebar?

  2. Lindsey Bush

    These are wonderful. You’ve truly captured the love and joy of this great family.

  3. Nancy Cornwell

    Hey Josh! I’ve been meaning to leave a message to let you know how much we love our photos! And then I saw the giveaway at Alison’s blog and thought hey I can enter the giveaway and let Josh know how happy we are all at once!

    Thanks so much for your hard work!

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