This sweet woman is my wife’s Jump Rope for Heart coordinator for her school. Alie has such the passion for Jump Rope for Heart before I got sick, and especially now since all that has happened. Mandy was such a wonderful spirit and for being pregnant with twins, she was quite the trooper and willing to go the extra mile for a beautiful shot. This maternity shoot was quite the change from working with children. I am not used to having a client, such as Mandy, who I can interact with and give direction. She was very enthusiastic throughout the entire session and she had so many ideas that I tried my best to accomodate all of them. I think we were able to capture this memorable moment in such a way that she and her husband will have beautiful pictures that they can enjoy for a long time. Just take a look!






This last one has to be one of my absolute favorites!



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  1. BEAUTIFUL! What amazing pics and I absolutely ADORE her nursery.

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