Well, as most of you know a few weeks ago we took a family vacation to Disney World in Florida with Alie’s side of the family. Well, 5 days before our trip, I started feeling rough and found out that I had the flu. So, I got quarantined to my room, and all I could do is see out from my bed as I was super sick. Well, luckily Dexter is a great bed buddy, so he got to keep me company while I was in bed.


And the whole time we had to keep Maggie outside the master bedroom. She had a hard time, but she learned that she could come to the door and say “Hi” to me and she would lay in the floor and play and talk to me. Well, I heard her giggling one day and I looked out the door to see her jumping on the couch with the remote to the TV.


I finally got feeling better and we left for Disney. Overall it was a great trip. We road lots of rides and got to enjoy some family time. I took my camera with the understanding that I wanted to document our trip and that I wouldn’t take it in the parks. We were going to use Alie’s little point and shoot for that because it was hard enough keeping up with Maggie and all her gear and who wants to throw a $4000 camera setup in the mix?! So, this is what I was able to capture from more of a photojournalist approach on our way down and back. I only took my 5D and the 35L so I had to force myself to be creative, and I ended up with a lot of great pictures and this is just a sampling of what I took. I hope you all enjoy, and I apologize in advance for so many pictures!

Maggie at the airport for the first time!


She loved the trays on the airplane 🙂





Mary was getting tired by the end of the trip!


My two beautiful girls at our last dinner in Disney!



Jonathan and a couple of the kiddos.




Maggie and Poppie having some fun at Magic Kingdom before the fireworks show.



This was Maggie almost everynight when we would bring her back to the hotel room. She would fall asleep on the buses and we would just take her right to bed.


Can you see that we are just too tired to be up this early going through the airport security!



It was a wonderful trip and a big thank you goes out to Poppie Eddie and Juju for making it such a great trip. Thank you again!!


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  1. Julie Holland

    Such beautiful pictures Josh. I can’t wait to see more!

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