…Collins Wedding…

Here is a first for the blog… a wedding! This wonderful lady worked with my wife and after seeing the prom pictures she asked if I would be interested in shooting their wedding. I couldn’t say no and I am so glad I got to be their photographer! All I had ever heard other photographers say is that weddings are one of the hardest gigs. There is so much stress over getting everything just right, but no one says how much fun they can be. The wedding was held on Vanderbilt’s campus in Benton Chapel. It was a unique place with great character that really fit this couple well! I had such a great time with this amazing couple and I hope they are just as pleased as I am with their pictures.

 I am so glad that I took this assignment and I need to throw out a big thanks to my wife, Alie, who assisted me on this big day. No one could have asked for a better assistant and she stuck with me from start to finish!

Congratulations to the newlyweds and thank you again for giving me this opportunity! Just a word of caution, there are a lot of pictures posted, but out of the entire collection this is just a drop in the bucket!














Last, but not least a special request from the bride and groom. They wanted a group picture of everyone who came to their wedding and this is what we were able to do:



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12 responses to “…Collins Wedding…

  1. Judith Etzel

    From Lori’s mom: What beautiful pictures!!! Absolutely awesome!

  2. What gorgeous pictures Josh – you did great! I feel sorry for that bride trying to figure out which ones she wants to frame!

  3. Juju

    These pics are so beautiful Josh. Congratulations on your first wedding! I know the bride and groom will be thrilled with your awesome talent.

  4. Of course, I love them all!

    Is it bad that I want the one of them on the bench whispering secrets blow up and hanging in my house…I can’t stop looking at it!

    Great work Joshie!
    We are a great team!

  5. gloria wilhelm

    the pictures are awesome.. what great job..and lori and bill so glad to be part of your wedding day..

  6. Judith Etzel

    these pictures are amazing!!!! the bride & groom look so happy & blessed..

  7. Jackie Hurt

    Josh, you did an incredible job. They look like something from a bridal magazine! I heard your assistant was awesome too.

  8. Kelly Pewitt

    You have been given an amazing talent and gift. These pictures are just beautiful!

  9. Great work on your first wedding!! Those pictures are awesome Josh!

  10. Lori Etzel Collins

    Josh & Alison-

    Once again, thanks so much for the great wedding photos! My only problem is figuring out which ones to frame 🙂 You were a great team and really helped to calm my nerves that morning. Cheers!

    Lori Etzel Collins

    • Amy Juzenas Shannon

      Lori Ann Etzel Collins!

      I have found you!!! And you look beautiful and just the same as the last time I saw you! Congratulations on your marriage! When was it? (I tied the knot this year on Aug. 1st.) I am hoping to hear from you and catch up a bit. My e-mail is aljuzenas@hotmail.com

  11. WOW is all I can say. These are beautiful!

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