The Dover Family

This wonderful family contacted me not to long ago and asked if I had an opening for a family session. I am always happy to work anybody in whenever, and with school being out I had the openings! Well, after a crazy day, we got together Monday evening and got to work. Their son ended up not feeling the greatest so it took all we had (we… I mean his sweet grandmother who was luckily there to make him smile) just to get him to smile. Otherwise, he wasn’t giving up a smile easily. We got some beautiful shots of this family and I just couldn’t wait to show them off!








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2 responses to “The Dover Family

  1. The rocking chair pic is AMAZING! It will be displayed in my home asap! No, Mason was not feeling well, but somehow you took some great shots! Thx for being so patient and talented! I can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you!

  2. Juju

    GREAT shots Josh. Beautiful family. Your talent is amazing!!

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