It’s prom season!!

A wonderful lady at my wife’s school asked if I would be interested in taking pictures of her daughter and her friends before prom. I loved my prom, but hated my pictures as they were in front of a backdrop and they looked just like everyone else’s. I wanted to do something special for her, so I agreed and last Friday evening we got to re-experience prom!

All I can say is that the girls were beautiful and the guys were dapper. The dresses were gorgeous and those kids were going to have a blast at their prom. I had Alie deliver the CD to school yesterday and all I have heard since is rave reviews. I wish I could post more pictures as there were so many great shots, but these will have to do!

Here’s all those lovely ladies showing off their dresses:

The whole group:

This one about got me in trouble, and ran over. It was difficult to get it, but I am sure glad we did!

This young lady is the daughter of the lady who asked me for the session. Her dress was so pretty and she was just radiant as well.

And a new angle on the classic prom pose:


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