Maggie Moo!

Well, any photographer will tell you that it is the hardest thing to get pictures of your own children as you have to schedule a time with yourself just so you will do it! I can certainly attest to that as I have been trying for the past two months to get some pictures of my sweet little Maggie. She is just growing up so big and even though we think she is entering her “terrible-two’s” early, she is still the sweetest little girl with some great manners! She says “peas” (please) and “taint yoooo” (thank you) as well as so many other words and she is just so much fun and has so much personality. As much as I can’t wait to watch her grow even more I miss my little bitty cuddle bunny that would snuggle up with you for a nap! Now, she won’t even sit still long enough to think about getting a nap with her 🙂

Enough of my reminissing and on to the good stuff!

She saw daddy squatting down to take her picture and she wanted to do the same!

She is trying to cover up her giggles 🙂

Maggie and bunny taking a book break…


She was again trying to be like daddy and she was taking my picture with her camera…how stinking cute!

This has to be my favorite. Just look at this smirk! She was definitely tired of me being in her face with the camera.


Last but not least I had to get some gorgeous pictures of my little hottie! She was looking quite rocker-chic and I had to capture a few shots. Just look how beautiful she is!! Aren’t I just the luckiest 🙂



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5 responses to “Maggie Moo!

  1. Awwwww, little Maggie isn’t so little anymore 😦 What great pictures!! And I will have say that Alison looks BEAUTIFUL in the picture you got of her! What a precious family.

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  3. Your girls are soooooo beautiful! I can’t believe Maggie is already a “little lady.”
    Great job Daddy-O!

  4. JuJu and Papa Eddie

    Beautiful pictures Josh!

  5. Rachel Lynn

    You are so talented! I wanna see more pics of beautiful Maggie with her mommy!

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