Baby Aiden

This is sweet baby Aiden who came by to have his three month pictures taken. It was so nice to meet Aiden and his family as they were referrals from Lilli’s parents who I had photographed about four months back. It is so neat to meet new people and this family was just great. They had brought a few personal items with them for this shoot and one of the items was a big oval rug that was out of Aiden’s room. It was such a neat rug that I centered the majority of his pictures around it.

Thanks to a couple of snow days, I have been able to catch up on these pictures and hopefully surprise Aiden’s parents. Thank you again for a wonderful shoot and we were able to capture so many great pictures!




We even had an opportunity to capture a couple of family pictures. It is so great to be able to do this for these new families as these are sometimes the only family portraits they have.

And I was able to take some “body part” pictures so Aiden’s parents could create a collage. Here is an example of what Aiden’s parents could do with these pictures:



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2 responses to “Baby Aiden

  1. Nancy Cornwell

    Oh sweet Aiden! These pictures are so adorable! You did a great job capturing Aiden, Lindsey, and Mitchell!

  2. Lindsey Bush

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures you took and your patience in working with a young child. We love all the different poses and outfits. Our experience with you was wonderful, and we’ve heard so many great reviews about the results. We’re already looking forward to the next round of pictures!
    Lindsey Bush

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