Growing with Hudson…

How fun is this! I have two boys named Hudson as clients 🙂 The youngest of the two just turned 3 months old and his parents contacted me to see if I could come do a portrait session for them. I was excited to do so and once we worked out the schedule (and around the weather) I stopped by last Sunday to get our session underway. By the way, this was the same Hudson that expressed his dislike of cameras at our first meeting for his newborn session. This time, it was a complete opposite… he was in a great mood and we had a good time!

Well, I sure had a great time and if you all get a chance please check out Hudson’s mother’s blog HERE. She is such a great artist and she has raffles often to help others as well as herself in raising money for adoptions. This is such a great cause and I wish them the best in their journey towards adoption. Here is your sneak peek and it was sure great to see how much this little guy had grown over the past three months!





Hudson’s parents wanted to start a themed baseball picture at each session, so this was the second themed picture we have done. They actually had the first picture we had created enlarged and framed, and it was hanging in their living room whenever I came over for this session!


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  1. As always, love, love, love them. Hud sure does love his hand too, huh? So funny, but that is true and blue our boy. Thanks a ton Josh!

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