…return of Jaxon!

I had the privilege of taking sweet little Jaxon’s 6 month pictures recently. It was so neat to be invited back by Jaxon’s parents to have another milestone session and to see how much he has grown! He is quite the little man and his pictures were so much fun. We stared off at Jaxon’s home, but with such great weather on the day of the shoot, I convinced Jaxon’s parents to go outside for more pictures. We ended up at a small park area near by for some wonderful shots. I hope this sneak peek is well worth the wait as these are just adorable 🙂

When we start by getting poses this cute you know it is going to be a great session!


I had added this wonderful suit case to my bag of tricks thanks to my wife, and with her help I recently recovered the inside with this great polka-dot fabric. I think it makes for a wonderful prop…

Jaxon practicing his Gerber look…

Last but not least is a family picture. While we were at the park shooting, there was this wonderful shoreline with the curvy walkway that just inspired me. I knew that while I was taking these they would be good, but look at what a beautiful picture this turned out to be!


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