Newborn Hudson!

Wow! Of all the names I had liked for a little boy, I managed to be able to shoot two different boys named  Hudson this year! This newborn was about a month old as his mother and I had been planning for just the right day for his photo shoot. Little did I know what would be in store for me when I came to their home for the shoot…

I arrived and was greeted by Hudson’s parents to a warm and wonderful home. They had so many great choices for props and backdrops in their home, but we ran into just one little problem…Hudson 🙂 As soon as we got through a couple of different locations in his home, Hudson thought it was time to try give his lungs some exercise. The remainder of the shoot consisted of a super mommy who was trying everything to keep her little boy calm and one exuberant little Hudson who didn’t like having the camera pointed in his direction! All I can say is thank you to Hudson’s parents for one of my most memorable photo shoots yet! It was such a joy being in your home and sharing that time with you. I hope you enjoy your sneek peek!



Hudson was telling me how much he didn’t like this pose, although I kept reassuring him otherwise 🙂

Super mommy hard at work. I thought this silhouette was just great!

And this was my favorite. Hudson’s mother and I talked about this shot for quite a while before I came to their home. Hudson’s daddy is quite the baseball fan and this was to be one of their most charished shots. I added a little sepia tone to really give it some character which I love!




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4 responses to “Newborn Hudson!

  1. Awe! That’s OUR Hudson! These are great! LOVE the baseball glove. Josh will adore that.

  2. Thanks Josh so much. They are great and I cant wait to see the rest.

  3. love them all honey!

    what a cutie!

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