Mary’s 1st Birthday!!

I am a week late with these pictures, but our niece Mary Elizabeth celebrated her first birthday last weekend! With all that was going on over the holiday weekend, I was lucky enough just to get the pictures processed and sent back to Brea on disk.

I digress again…back to the story. Mary was having a bumblebee themed party so there were lots of black and yellow at the party. Brea and J had got Mary a little cake for her to dig into that was covered in yellow icing. Seeing her dig into her cake brought back memories of little Maggie doing this just a few weeks earlier. Mary had a great time with her cake and her party was a huge success. After the presents and cupcakes with ice cream, the kiddos headed out to the back yard to enjoy some slip-n-slide action. They were having so much fun on those things that I sure wanted to try it! I just don’t think that it would have worked out so well so I had to just enjoy them from a distance πŸ™‚

Here are a few pics of the birthday girl showing her digging into her cake. It was so fun to watch!!!

The birthday girl looking sweet as usual…

She had really gotten into her cake by this point and decided to share some with daddy!

Even the cake board was delicious!!

The aftermath of too much icing and a sleepy eye rub πŸ™‚ By this point it was bath time!


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