Hudson…what a name!!!

Back when my wife, Alie, was pregnant we debated over many names. One of them she had picked for a boy was Hudson. I liked it, but it just wasn’t the name for me. Eventually we found out that we were having a girl and we had a nice short list of names with Maggie at the top! Well, I get a message on Friday asking if I could take a couple’s three month old pictures for their son…Hudson! Come to find out that the woman who contacted me had worked with Alie at one of her old schools. In fact, Alie had made a onesie for one of Hudson’s baby showers as a gift from another one of the teachers.

Anyway, Hudson’s parents were so much fun to have in our home today. That’s right…we had a photo shoot today. The weekend was pretty much open due to the holiday today so when Hudson’s mom contacted me, I suggested that we do it today!! I mean after all, who wants to spend the whole day grading papers like I was planning on doing. Well, we spent just over a couple of hours taking Hudson’s three month pictures and they turned out great. Alie gave me a hand grading papers for all of my classes and that allowed me the time I needed to process the pictures. I am so excited to get these done today as it usually takes me a lot longer on the turnaround time, but with my new job and having the day off today it seems that I was able to whip these out!

This is just a preview, but they all turned out so well. To Marcie and Nick, you all were great and Hudson was just so great to work with. I hope you like your preview!!!

 This is one of my many favorites. I call it “SSShhhhh.”

The ever popular scale picture. This time with a twist…we included his favorite toy the owl.

I am digging little dude’s shirt!!


For these last two we decided to go outside. Luckily I hadn’t mowed so I had the long shaggy grass that really adds to the picture. We were also battling the sun overhead, but I think we won the fight!




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2 responses to “Hudson…what a name!!!

  1. Marcie & Nick

    We love the pictures! We can’t believe you have them up already, but they are amazing. It was so fun having Hudson’s pictures made today. You are a very talented photographer and we can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures! Thank you so much for giving up your holiday for us.

  2. Josh,
    I love these pictures! I always enjoy how you make every picture look so unique, even it you have used the same props before. Next time I would love to get some outside shots, those looked great! Hudson is adorable. Great Job–Again!!

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