Ryan and Alana

So what do you do when your best friend comes down for the weekend with his girlfriend and asks if you would take thier picture?! You jump all over it because that is what best buds do for each other!! (Of course Alie and I were planning on asking him the same question since we didn’t really have a family picture either!)

I have known Ryan literally since we were born. We were neighbors and grew up together from day one. Although we are less than 3 months apart in age and we have always treated each other like brothers. It was a wonderful feeling when he asked if I would take their picture and I was truly honored. I hope Ryan and Alana enjoy their pictures. I know Dexter, Maggie, Alie and I sure enjoyed having them in our home this weekend!

Ryan, we wish you and Alana the best in your future endeavors!






And we can’t forget all the fun we had while taking your pictures. This was a quick capture when we first got started and Ryan was having a good time posing 🙂



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One response to “Ryan and Alana

  1. I love the picture of them in the doorway…really good. Would make a nice engagement pic..hint, hint Ryan.

    The last picture needs to have them music. “I’m too sexy for my Jesus sandals” or something of the like.

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