!!Maggie Montage!!

Well…I realize I haven’t posted in a while and I am sorry. These pictures should make up for it though once you see how stinkin’ cute Maggie was being today. She is quite the little ham when she sees daddy with the camera pointed at her! She was in such a good mood and I couldn’t resist not taking a few pictures [cough] 20 [/cough]. I do have some shoots scheduled during the next month so until then it is just fun family pics for me!!

First lets start off with daddy’s favorite. This is how I always see her…neck broke back looking up at me!
These next ones are favorites too, but I like that first one for some reason…

(yes, she put a smudge on my lens which I later cleaned off…)

Daddy?! Is that you in there?!?!

Oh, what’s that down there…

Daddy…are you still there???



I’m gonna eat you!!!! Aarrgghh!!! Get in my belly!!!!

Are you still in there?!

Why don’t you take a picture; it will last longer!!!

Who couldn’t resist taking so many pictures of her baby blues. She has her momma’s beautiful big blue eyes and they will just steal your heart 🙂


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  1. Josh! These are absolutely beautiful!! Maggie has the prettiest blue eyes. Matthew is so lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend. 🙂

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