…little league…

Well remember a few months ago when I posted pictures of the nephews at baseball practice? Well, they have finally got to have some games due to all the rain over the past month and here are a few shots from their game last night. It is so neat to see them growing up and getting better in baseball…

(a picture of both boys playing the field with a proud daddy out there with them)


And of course you have to love the batting pictures. The boys even got to be in the line-up right after each other! It’s kinda hard to see, but while Isaac is batting Luke is on deck.

(little Luke is really giving it his all in this swing :))

Grandmother also came to watch the boys in action. Little Mary was just worn out from all the fun so she was napping!

Last but not least Issac earned the game ball from last nights game!

(Don’t worry Brea, Grandmother, and Juju; I will get you all of their pictures at the end of their season so you can make prints.)


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  1. Grandmother

    The pictures are GREAT, as always. Thank you for the “end of season” note.


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