Kaylor Quickie…

After the zoo trip on Sunday we rushed back home so I could whip up some dinner for some really great people! Kerry and Courtney are brand new parents to little Kaylor who was born about a month ago! Alie works with Courtney and we had been promising to bring them dinner and they finally cashed in on our offer. After a mad dash through the kitchen to create a meal, we rushed it over so it would be ready to eat (and so we could finally meet little Kaylor). What a little cutie she is! She is so sweet and she had quite the proud parents too! 

While we were there, I offered to take some quick pics for Courtney and here are a few from our visit. Courtney, I hope you liked your pics! These were some of my favorites out of the few we got. Maybe later we can do more of a formal session where we can capture more of this sweet little girl!!




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One response to “Kaylor Quickie…

  1. Josh,
    I absolutely love the pictures that you took of Kaylor!! We really appreciate you doing this for us, pictures like these are priceless!
    I can’t wait to use you for her next pictures at 3 months. You do such a great job!
    Thanks again!!

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